Atreyu // The Moment You Find Your Flame // EP Review


Just a few months after the release of their last EP ‘The Hope of a Spark’ Atreyu is back with the next instalment of what will become a full-length album later in the year. ‘The Moment You Find Your Flame’ is a development on the last EP and takes their review of human existence to the next stage.

The 4 tracks on this EP focus on self-worth, self-doubt, and insecurity, all of which are the things each and every one of us sees every day. Starting with “Good Enough”, the track title is self-explanatory but it’s the hard riffs and contrasts to the slower choruses that shape the track into something that is no doubt an Atreyu track. This track seamlessly leads into “Immortal” which has a chorus so catchy you’re singing along by the end of the song. There is a beauty to the chorus though that lets the lyrics really stand out and are another contrast to the darker and more frantic bridge. By the third track, this EP has you gripped, and the heavy opening and steady beat take it up a notch. “Gone” fits in perfectly with the first 2 tracks as something that stands on its own while also fitting in with the others as a complete set. By the end of the EP with ‘I Don’t Wanna Die” there is a subtle shift in the musical tone as almost an ending. The slower tempo fits with the sentiments of the lyrics as almost a turning point in the thought process of evaluating your self-worth.

Atreyu has done it once more in teasing us with just a small selection of songs that will lead to an overall epic album when complete. The band have clearly dug deep into their conscience to pull out all the fears that we each feel at times in our lives and have set this to a musical backdrop that perfectly pulls it together to something that can easily be listened to but also something to think about if the mood strikes. With only a few months left to the year and a promise of the climax reaching us before then, I can’t wait to see how it all comes together as a full story.


The Moment You Find Your Flame is available from Friday, August 18th courtesy of Spinefarm Records.


Review: Emmie Ellis 


Atreyu – The Moment You Find Your Flame EP – Aug 18 via Spinefarm
1- Good Enough
2- Immortal
3- Gone
4- I Don’t Wanna Die