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Alice Merton’s two studio albums (MINT & S.I.D.E.S.) saw the British-German alternative-pop artist reach over a billion streams and three million sales. She has been captivating audiences all over the world ever since she released her debut single “No Roots” (US Gold, multiple Platinum awards in Europe). Now she returns with her new single “Charlie Brown”. LISTEN HERE.

“Charlie Brown” is a catchy indie pop song that tells the story of a man who is stuck in a rut. His days are repetitive, and his past keeps coming back to haunt him. He is searching for a higher meaning in life, something that makes him feel fulfilled – unfortunately, he has yet to find it. The chorus comes in as a push out of the daily grind: “Hold tight we’re moving on! Keep that dream just a little bit longer!”

“Charlie Brown” is a wake-up call to get back into the driver’s seat of your life. It’s a hymn to keep going – no matter how big the obstacles may be. Stop settling for the apparent security of everyday life, but fight for what is important to you. Thus, the song’s message is not only addressed to Charlie. All of us could do with leaving our comfort zone sometimes, try things and to stand up for our dreams.

After having finished a North American and European Tour with the British Indie Pop Band “Bastille” last year, Merton found herself back in the studio, writing with Chris Wood aka “Woody” the Drummer from Bastille and Songwriter/Producer Matt Wills. Merton recalls “It was honestly one of the best times of my life, getting to tour with such a lovely group of people, and then creating music together” William Farquarson (Bass player in Bastille) joined the session a few weeks later and out came “Charlie Brown”. Finished off with production by Paul Whalley (Waste My Life, The Other Side) and Mixed by Jon Kelly (Kate Bush, Freddy Mercury, Duffy) and mastered by Sascha Busy Bühren.

The video was filmed in London and written and directed by Alice. At her side was choreographer Lyn Lim with whom she worked with on Lash Out and Blindside and her trusted Director of Photography Elias Koehler (Why So Serious, Same Team, Blindside, Funny Business). Together they created a world where Charlie seems to be a bit confused and depressed with his life situation, but Alice is adamant that he realizes how special he is. Watch the official video HERE.

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