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Jake Isaac’s recent single ‘GOOD MAN’ introduced a new stage of soul-exposing honesty from the acclaimed British soul star. A tribute to both his father and the wider Windrush generation who formed new lives for themselves within the toughest of circumstances, it is one of a number of new songs from Jake where he dares to go deeper into his own life and experiences. That provides a unifying strength between the artist and his listeners that takes a deeper resonance with his new single ‘Okay’. Listen HERE.

‘Okay’ is surely the deepest, most reflective cut that Jake has ever released. The instrumentation is as sparse as possible, creating a minimalist soundbed to allow the tender but stirring soul of Jake’s voice to take the spotlight in a ballad of reassuring positivity. Its message is one that we all need to remember from time-to-time: you might find yourself in the storm of life’s challenges, but brighter moments are waiting just over the horizon. As the lyrics suggest (“Find me in the middle of the water, I’m going under, but I’ll be okay”) It’s a song that Jake wrote while in that exact situation.

He recalls, “It was ten o’clock at night. I was sitting by the piano, playing a few chords, and I had been going through the feeling of knowing where I wanted to get to, but the journey was making it seem impossible. It was a way to find reassurance that the night doesn’t last forever so it is a song for myself, to be honest. Every artist has songs they write for themselves, without knowing whether they will deliver it to the world or not.”

As with ‘GOOD MAN’‘Okay’ has a heartening spirit sourced from a warm and timeless sound that comes from focusing on live instrumentation. Recorded at Eastcode Studios, LondonJake co-produced the track with Ian Barter (Dermot Kennedy, Amy Winehouse), who also provided mixing.,# The sessions featured musicians including Junior Kirton (Jackson FiveLeona Lewis), organist Gavin Powell (StormzyEmeli Sandé) and horn arrangements from Kat Deal, also known as Litening (musical director for Fleur East).

Jake’s song swell with authenticity, which is only natural given the somewhat labyrinthian adventure that music has taken him on. Drumming in church as a child, session musician and songwriter for a host of big names in his late teens, musical director for Duffy, record label marketing manager and an artist in his own right… it might almost be quicker to list the things he hasn’t done.

His career has encompassed numerous unforgettable moments, from a stunning Glastonbury set to praise from iconic figures such as Sting and Sir Elton John. Yet outside of music, Jake leads a busy, happy but ordinary life of being a husband and a father to three young children in south London. His current wave of songs unites his exceptional talents with stories of regular life experiences, and they’re all the better for it: a celebration of who he is, and, just as importantly, who so many of us are. Life is the inspiration.

After playing an extremely intimate tour in 2023 (including Rae’s at Omeara), Jake Isaac now steps back up to a far bigger venue for his next London headline show. He will play Village Underground on November 2nd and tickets are now available HERE.

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