Midnite City // Atlas // Take Away Thieves // Live Tour Review

Its the weekend once again so that can only mean one thing – time to see some more live
music. It’s also the last two nights of Midnite City’s They Only Come Out At Night’ tour, as
they hit The Corporation, Sheffield and Yardbirds, Grimsby. We showed up Friday night
to see them and we just had to join them again for the last night which tells you just how
great this tour was!

First to hit the stage were Takeaway Thieves and I have to admit it’s my first time seeing
them despite hearing about them for awhile now. They head straight into “13 Feathers” and the band are clearly ready to slay their performance from the get go. I often comment on the energy a band has but these guys may be the very definition of an energetic band. As they jump and spin around the stage, I can’t help but wonder where the boundless energy comes from. As they continue to play tracks such as “Spider” and “Slippin Slidin” they continue the momentum and put on a great snow playing to the audience. Takeaway Thieves are a band who know how to get a party started.

The second band on the line up is Atlas. The crowd are more than warmed up and are ready to continue rocking by the time these guys take over. With front man Craig Wells‘ individual vocals and the band’s melodic rock style, these guys are not to be missed. Right from the moment they hit the stage, the whole band put everything into their performances and seem to get better each time they hit the stage. As they run through tracks such as “Seasons Change”, “Dare To Love” and “Human Touch” the crowd become fully involved as they sing and clap along. Atlas put on shows that you can’t help but join in and party as the band infects you with their charisma and energy. As the set flies by and they wrap up, you’re left wanting just one more song.

Midnite City are last on the line up as our headlining act and for both nights by the time they are ready to play the crowd are ready to see them too. The band take to the stage and throw themselves into the performances as they kick off with “We Belong”. From here they never stop as they put everything into the show. Rob Wylde gives a master class in being a frontman as he works both the stage and the crowd and is confidently backed on vocals by bassist Josh “Tabbie” Williams. Each of the band takes their moment in the spotlight to show off their talent and charisma however it’s the impressive and fun riff off from Shawn Charvette and Miles Meakin that might just steal the show. It’s also worth mentioning that while drummer Pete Newdeck wasn’t able to make the tour, Atlas drummer Ryan Briggs has stepped up and done an incredible job as part of the band. Both nights were pure entertainment as the band ran through great sing along tracks such as “Atomic” and “I Don’t Need Another Heartache” from their latest album. They also took it back to their debut album with “One Step Away” and even included the bonus track “Girls of Tokyo” from the Japanese release of the ‘Itch You Can’t Scratch’ album in the set list. It’s easy to say that every track played was a hit with the crowds though and the whole band seemed to be having a great time on the stage as they performed. While everyone had a great time at each show, it should be noted that

are pros at what they do and while their albums are incredible, they are even better live.
Having seen all three bands twice over the two nights, I can confidently say that each night was as exciting as the other and just as fun. If you ever get a chance to see any of the band’s then I’d suggest you do as we certainly will be!


Review: Emmie Ellis

Photography: Mark Ellis