Kamloops, BC’s Country Rocker Marshall Potts Gets “Free and Easy” to Fire Up New Album

Kamloops, BC’s Country Rocker Marshall Potts Gets “Free and Easy” to Fire Up New Album

Forthcoming Album’s Title Track is Available Now!

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Brandy Records/MC1 Nashville recording artist Marshall Potts is busting open barriers with his new arena-worthy country rock single, “Free and Easy” — available now!

The title track from the Canadian artist’s third and forthcoming album, Free and Easy — set to land Summer 2021 via Sony/Orchard — “Free and Easy” is the latest powerful example of Potts’ mission to deliver a universal message of positivity and optimism through music.

While the song’s title may evoke a laid-back aural expectation, “Free and Easy” is a stadium-sized anthem, showcasing Potts’ soaring, a full-throttle voice that could easily rival any top rock idol’s.

If you need to know how I’m feeling
Let’s share a bottle and some of your time
Cause I need to feel free and easy
Before I’m gonna let you in my mind

From this opening invitation to the sky punching chorus and rollicking outro, “Free and Easy” showcases Potts’ journey of self-discovery and personal evolution in a big, bold way. It’s an attention-holding, larger-than-life declaration much like the towering billboard that recently introduced Potts to Music City.

Self-reflection and personal growth are central themes throughout the British Columbia-based singer/songwriter’s upcoming record. “The album collectively tells the story of my own spiritual journey and inner awakening,” Potts explains. “Free and Easy invites the listener to join me on this journey.”

Potts says “Free and Easy” sets the stage for his entire new album. It “foreshadows the positive outcome we can all expect when we take the time to learn about ourselves, seek our own truths, heal our old scars and reemerge standing our ground in our own power. The hero story we are all meant to walk and the gratitude that leads our lives as a result.”

Potts already has much to be grateful for. He calls 160 idyllic acres home at a place near what many, including the Dalai Lama, call the center of the universe, Kamloops, B.C. His music has taken him far afield to showcase and festival appearances in France and Sweden, as well as on home soil at Indie Week in Toronto — where he and his 4-piece, Marshall Potts Band, were nominated for Best Emerging Artist – National in 2019.

“Free and Easy” is available now.

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