XOTH Releases “Battlesphere” Bass Music Video, featuring Bassist Ben Bennett

XOTH Releases “Battlesphere” Bass Music Video, featuring Bassist Ben Bennett

Seattle (WA) – Cosmic Tech-Death/Black Metallers XOTH have released a bass music video for Exogalactic album track, “Battlesphere.” The video features the band’s own Chop Daddy, Ben Bennett, demonstrating his speed chopper technique! Check it out at: youtu.be/QZlSzmqKcbI

You can find more of Bennett’s dazzing work at the following locations:



facebook.com/speedchopperbass (Bass Lessons)


Dawnbreed Records released Exogalactic on November 3.

CD/Digital: xoth.bandcamp.com/album/exogalactic

CD (EU Version): Dawnbreed Records Store

Vinyl and cassette versions of Exogalactic are coming soon!

“Exogalactic…is sure to launch your ass straight into the cold void of space. Or at least make you feel inadequate about your abilities in writing catchy, technical-leaning cosmic death metal.”

– Metal Injection

“Xoth delivers another joyful winner, uniting the metal-verse once again with a vital contribution to their growing legacy.”

– Angry Metal Guy

“Exogalactic is a bright, serotonin-filled, and slightly-dangerous record that plays as if Xoth are piecing together their favorite aspects of metal subgenres like they’re building a Lego set.”

– Invisible Oranges

 “If you’re seeking an exhilarating journey to the stars that leaves you in awe while keeping your heart pounding, then Exogalactic is a must-have.” (4/5)

– Metal Epidemic

“That’s right folks, everyone’s favorite blackened tech death-thrash band from beyond the stars have returned to grace our humble bowl once again with eldritch knowledge.”

– Toilet ov Hell

“Exogalactic is that amazing of a Modern Technical Death Metal album.”

– Teeth of the Divine

“Xoth take a very laborious, metallic sound and make it seem effortless and catchy as hell – Exogalactic is otherworldly and powerful.”

– Everything is Noise

“Fresh and inventive, rather than derivative, due to its accentuated and often progressive-leaning extra terrestrial setting.”

– Heavy Blog is Heavy

“I won’t ask you to accept Exogalactic as your lord and savior, but I will say, friend, that there are far worse decisions you could make in your life today.”

– Last Rites

“Every moment on this record is energetic, memorable and tightly played.”

– Mystification Zine

“If you’re a fan of technical extremity that hits hard in ways that you’ll remember after the bruises fade, then this is an essential listen.”

– Wonderbox Metal

 “Solid breakneck action, provided by exceptional guitar work with just as much ferocity as melody.”

– Metal Storm

“This is what it means to take technical death metal to the depths of a black hole and consume its power without compromise, and Exogalactic is the perfect vessel to deliver such malevolence upon the universe!”

– Head-Banger Reviews

“Xoth’s third full length is a storming release that absolutely champions and succeeds on all fronts.”

– The Razors Edge

“Records like “Exogalactic” are here to stay after the apocalypse. They’ll be preserved and saved for the next, hopefully better species that will one day inhabit our planet.”

– Deadly Storm Zine

“A balanced album in every sense; melodic and technical parts that work very well. That organic detail of the entire album hits the nail on the head.” (9/10)

– Metallerium

In partnership with Dawnbreed Records, XOTH’s third triumph, Exogalactic, is an ambitious leap forward. It’s as if they’ve excavated musical relics from Earth’s core and melded them with sounds from the far reaches of the universe. Each song is an event horizon, stirring subgenres into a timewarp of past and future sonic chaos.

Amidst the vortex of sound, the mixing sorcery of Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studio (Obituary, Suffocation) manifests an auditory odyssey and the artwork of Shindy Reehal at Shindy Design sets the tone for the voyage. Xoth is not just music; it’s a journey across the celestial landscape led by

interstellar luminaries.

Since bursting forth from the cosmic ether in 2014, Seattle’s XOTH has evoked fan and critical acclaim for their innovative approach to extreme metal. 2019’s Interdimensional Invocations has become a cult classic, blending technical death metal, modern black metal, and thrash in a novel synthesis that eludes categorization.

“Through four years of trials and tribulations, we are thrilled to finally unleash an album that has demanded immense dedication, fortitude, and sacrifice from us. The results of our experiment have surpassed our wildest imagination! Prepare yourselves!” – Xoth

Track Listing:

1. Reptilian Bloodsport

2. Manuscripts of Madness

3. Sporecraft Zero

4. The Parasitic Orchestra

5. Saga of the Blade

6. Reflective Nemesis

7. Battlesphere

8. Map to the Stars, Monument to the Ancients


All music by Xoth

All lyrics by Xoth and Mike Dreyer

Recorded June-August 2023

Camano Island & Seattle, Washington

Produced by Ben Bennett & Xoth

Engineered by Bennett, Adler, Sturgill, Salvo, & Joe Cincotta

Mixed by Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studio

Mastered by Jason Williams at Riffsthatrule

Artwork by Shindy Reehal at Shindy Design

Layout Design by Jeremy Salvo

Logo by Christopher Horst at Horst Type Foundry

Logo Treatment by Jeremy Salvo

Photography by Nate Phelps

Band Photo: Nate Phelps


Tyler Sturgill: Guitar & Vocals

Woody Adler: Guitar

Ben Bennett: Bass

Jeremy Salvo: Drums