What Are the Best Easy-playing Guitars? (Buying Guide 2024)

What Are the Best Easy-playing Guitars? (Buying Guide 2024)

The moment you purchase your first acoustic guitar is a memorable and fantastic milestone. It’s a step that you’ll cherish forever. Before purchasing, you must conduct thorough research to find the perfect instrument for your requirements. 

Fortunately, you’ve landed in the right place. Easy-playing guitars for beginners are crafted to steer you in the right direction on your musical journey. They are easy and comfortable to play and should seamlessly fit into your hands. How they do this is quite interesting as we will outline in this article.

Buying Guide For User-Friendly Guitars

When selecting a beginner acoustic guitar, start by considering the size and sound you prefer. Smaller guitars are more portable and easier to play, while larger ones produce louder volume and bigger tones. 

The common dreadnought design strikes a balance between sound and playability.

  • Body Design: Look for low action and consider smaller body designs for easier playability, especially for younger or smaller players.
  • Budget: Set a budget between $150 and $250 for a quality beginner acoustic. Higher budgets may offer better components and built-in electronics.
  • Built-In Tuner Or External Ones: Invest in a clip-on tuner for easy tuning. Check the step-by-step guide for assistance.
  • Pickups: Consider adding a simple-to-install acoustic pickup for enhanced playing. Examples are included in the guide.

Why Zager Guitars’ Easy Play Series Is Actually Easy To Play

Zager guitars truly craft their products differently from any other manufacturer. Their stand-out features are: 

Neck Design 

The moment you grasp a Zager guitar, you’ll instantly sense the years of research that the company has done. Crafting a neck that provides a comfortable feel, regardless of your hand size is what any beginner would prioritize. A beginner guitar should feel natural, in other words, like an extension of the player’s body. 

Zager guitars have a slim profile from front to back that facilitates easy hand maneuvering, while its width strikes the perfect balance. Paired with custom string spacing, you won’t find yourself unintentionally pressing on the wrong strings when you’re still learning how to play.

String Height

While many guitar builders can lower strings only a select few achieve this without introducing buzzing and compromising sound quality. A lesser-known fact among players is that excessively low string height can negatively impact sound quality. 

Zager guitars have lower string heights on frets 1-10, where players typically spend the majority of their time. However, the action rises over the sound hole, enhancing tone and facilitating smoother picking with the right hand. 

This design not only promotes a more dynamic and aggressive playing style with no buzzing but also features a custom adjustment setting by Denny, allowing you to fine-tune string height according to your unique playing preferences.

String Pressure 

When the effort required to play chords is minimal, it significantly transforms your playing experience. For beginners with weak finger strength, effortlessly producing chords becomes a reality, as 50% less pressure is needed to achieve clear and resonant tones. 

Advanced players no longer find themselves exerting excessive force to form chords, enabling longer sets with enhanced speed and precision.

Zager Guitars accomplished this feat through the use of a lighter bracing system that uniquely flexes in response to the pressure applied to each string. This not only facilitates easier chord formation but also contributes to a richer bass and increased power.

String Spacing

Have you ever struggled to form a chord, no matter how you adjusted your fingers, only to find them leaning on adjacent strings? Zager Guitars addresses this issue by implementing custom string spacing on their products. 

At first glance, you may not notice the spacing on a Zager guitar, but once you start playing, you’ll immediately experience the difference. The subtle adjustment of just 1/32 of an inch can be the key to transforming a chord from buzzing and rattling to a clear tone.

Adjustable String Height 

Zager Guitars incorporate a string height adjustment setting into their designs, allowing you to tailor your instrument to your specific playing style. Whether you’re a robust, heavy-handed player seeking more power or a delicate, light-touch player aiming for greater speed and accuracy, you can fine-tune the action accordingly.

Rigorous Quality Control 

When you purchase your guitar directly from the manufacturer, not only do you save money by bypassing the retail markup but the level of quality control is elevated. Unlike guitars that pass through dealer networks and various hands in retail stores, a Zager guitar goes directly from our CEO’s hands to yours, accompanied by a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Final Thoughts

Buying a guitar that feels good to play is vital, as the nicer it feels in the hands, the more you’re going to want to pick it up and play, which means practicing becomes effortless.

These days standards are pretty high when it comes to quality assurance in guitar production, even cheaper guitars generally play pretty well.