Voyager Announce EU/UK Tour in 2024!

Voyager Re-Take to the Stars in 2024 with ‘Fearless in Love’ EU/UK Dates
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VOYAGER are counting on a successful comeback in 2024 with the announcement of new European and UK-dates for their rescheduled 2023 ‘Fearless in Love’ tour.

The Australian progressive pop metal band known for their stunning performance at the Eurovision songfestival are back with a blast, ready to perform again across Europe.

“We are extremely hopeful and optimistic to make our return to Europe next October for our re-scheduled ‘Fearless In Love’ headline tour! Dates are now announced and tickets are back on sale.” Says VOYAGER.

“We couldn’t be more humbled by our awesome fans and your heartwarming support during the past couple of months as Danny goes through a really intense course of treatment to combat his cancer. But as you know, he’s a warrior and we know you’re there every step of the way.”

All tickets for the shows presented in 2023 – both general admission & VIP upgrades – are still valid for the newly rescheduled dates.

Tickets are available at the following link:

New EU/UK Tour Dates:
30 September: Hamburg, DE @ Knust
1 October: Berlin, DE @ Hole 44
2 October: Warsaw, PL @ Voodoo
3 October: Prague, CZ @ Futurum
5 October: Cologne, DE @ Euroblast Festival
7 October: Vienna, AT @ Szene
8 October: Budapest, HU @ Analog
9 October: Milan, IT @ Legend Club
10 October: Munich, DE @ Strom
11 October: Zurich, CH @ Komplex Club
12 October: Lucerne, CH @ Sedel Club
14 October: Barcelona, ES @ La Nau
15 October: Madrid, ES @ Moby Dick
17 October: Paris, FR @ Les Etoiles
18 October: Zoetermeer, NL @ Boerderij
19 October: Tilburg, NL @ 013 Kleine Zaal
20 October: Antwerp, BE @ Kavka
22 October: Liverpool, UK @ 02 Academy2
23 October: Glasgow, UK @ Slay
24 October: Manchester, UK @ Academy 2
26 October: London, UK @ The Dome
27 October: London, UK @ The Dome

There are also VIP upgrade packages available which offer the following benefits:

  • Meet & Greet w/ VOYAGER
  • Group Photo w/ VOYAGER
  • Guitar Pick Tin w/ Picks
  • Signed Poster
  • Souvenir Laminate w/ Lanyard
  • VIP Early Entry into Venue
  • Crowd-Free Merch Shopping
VOYAGER released ‘Fearless in Love’ on the 14th of June, 2023

1. The Best Intentions (3:48)
2. Prince of Fire (4:46)
3. Ultraviolet (4:16)
4. Dreamer (3:00)
5. The Lamenting (4:10)
6. Submarine (4:47)
7. Promise (3:04)
8. Twisted (3:54)
9. Daydream (3:09)
10. Listen (4:13)
11. Gren (Fearless in Love) (5:25)
Total: 44:32

Style: Electro Progressive Metal

Photo by Mike Dann

As much as you can rely on the Earth’s elliptical orbit, you can depend on Voyager to consistently evolve. The band’s interplanetary balance of virtuosic pyrotechnics and sky scraping radio-ready hooks morphs at the speed of sound from one era to the next. In bursts of bright light, luminous keys, neon guitar wizardry, and stratosphere-shaking rhythms, they elevate hard rock to another realm. The group blast off on a signature hybrid of prog, rock, and metal possibly best described as the musical equivalent of Guardians of the Galaxy.

After piling up millions of streams, earning acclaim from the likes of The Guardian, and wowing the globe on the Eurovision Song Contest, the Perth, Australia quintet—Danny Estrin [vocals], Simone Dow [guitar], Scott Kay [guitar], Alex Canion [bass], and Ashley Doodkorte [drums]—take flight like never before on their forthcoming eighth full-length LP, Fearless In Love [Season of Mist].

“It’s progressive in the sense we’re always trying to reinvent and refresh ourselves as musicians,” notes Danny. “I want to develop musically from where we left off. We made sure Fearless In Love was melodic with some sugary hooks, but we also stayed true to our sound and delivered a few more guitar solos. It could appeal to fans of complex music as well as anybody who might want a straight-up banger. It’s a melting pot of the genres that define us distilled into the unique Voyager sound.”

This cohort of dynamic talents and personalities initially crash-landed stateside for a now-renowned performance at the 2011 ProgPower USA Festival in Atlanta, GA. Since then, they’ve unleashed a string of fan favourite albums—V [2014], Ghost Mile [2017], and Colours in the Sun [2019]—in addition to sharing stages with the likes Deftones, Leprous, Devin Townsend, Opeth, and Poppy to name a few. Australia notably handpicked Voyager as its entrant into the global Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with “Promise.” The Guardian hailed the buzzing single as “a pop number that bends the genre with trademark riffs, climactic guitars and keytar solos,” and it crashed the Top 3 of the Australian Independent Label Singles Chart. They even appeared on TODAY Australia to wave the metal flag by teaching daytime TV hosts black metal growls, as plugged by Metal Injection!

Throughout 2022, they crafted what would become Fearless In Love with engineer, mixer, and coproducer Matt Templeman. This time around, the musicians recorded live, unlocking a new energy altogether.

“Normally, we write and record our parts individually, but the whole band decided to go old school and do everything together this time,” he goes on. “This line-up has been together for twelve years, and we gel so well. It’s cool because we can play off each other like a live show with funky bass, groovy guitars, and creative drum patterns. It translates to the album.” On the single “Prince of Fire,” glimmering keys give way to a hard-hitting guitar riff as Danny’s slick vocals seesaw atop a punchy bass line.

“It’s actually one of the heaviest songs we’ve done, yet it’s got this super eighties mentality,” the front man reveals. “Lyrically, it’s about being perceived as the bad guy, even though you’re trying to do your best. You have good intentions, but sometimes you end up being the ‘Prince of Fire on night patrol’. Musically, it sways side-to-side, and then you’re crushed—which is a common theme for us.”

Then, there’s “The Lamenting.” Seventies-style sonics dissolve in a haze of riffs offset by swooning vocals and synths. Distortion drowns out the light in its final moments.

“You’re lamenting past loves and trying to let go and not wallow in those memories,” Danny elaborates. “There’s a bitter end that almost leaves you in the dark without pulling you out. It’s one of the most melancholic and sad songs on the album.”

Meanwhile, “Ultraviolet” layers a hypnotic refrain above chugging guitar as growls pierce the groove before a hummable solo.

“It’s about coping with the speed of modern society,” he states. “I like a fast-paced world, but it can be too much. You almost want to bury your head under your pillow and scream, ‘Slow down’. The expectations we have on each other as humans are just nuts. Sometimes, you need to become ultraviolet, duck under, and go, ‘No more for me, thanks’.”

The finale “Gren (Fearless In Love)” concludes the album with a climactic crescendo pushed even higher by resounding melodies and nimble instrumentation.

“When you’re in love, you have boundless energy and feelings for a person, which makes you almost invincible,” he elaborates. “There’s a huge vulnerability, because you’re not invincible at all. You’re totally susceptible to extreme hurt and letdown. There’s something beautiful about letting yourself go and fully experiencing being fearless though.”

In the end, a similar creative boundlessness drives Voyager.

“When you listen to Fearless In Love, I’d love for you to say, ‘I’ve never heard anything like this before’,” he leaves off. “Secondly, I hope you’re uplifted, intrigued, and emotional. We try take you on a journey through struggle, positivity, negativity, and a society that doesn’t always make sense. Maybe, listening to the record will make you feel better about dealing with this crazy modern world we’re living in.”

Danny Estrin – Vocals, Keytar
Simone Dow – Guitars
Alex Canion – Bass
Scott Kay – Guitars
Ash Doodkorte – Drums

Cover artwork: Ashley Doodkorte

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