Vorder – Swedish Sludgy Doom Collective Announce New Album “False Haven”

Vorder – Swedish Sludgy Doom Collective Ft Members of Katatonia, In Mourning and Besvärjelsen Announce New Album “False Haven”
Share Music Video For Opening Song “Introspective” 

Swedish sludgy doom metal group Vorder, formerly known as V and comprised of current and former members of KatatoniaIn Mourning,  Besvärjelsen and Afgrund will release their third album titled “False Haven” on May 26th via Suicide Records.

The follow-up to their previous effort “Led Into Exile” sees the Swedes further refining their sludgy and doomy post-metal sound, contrasting a dark and bleak atmosphere with glaring, beautiful melodies. There’s a clear dichotomy of light and dark to be found throughout “False Haven,” where heavily dense riffs are constantly interlaced with captivating and beautiful melodies. Vorder experiment with different styles, influences and dynamics throughout these six new songs that not only sound intoxicatingly unique but also demonstrate a thoughtful and impressive cohesion. Tracks such as opener “Introspective” or “Come Undone” are driven by crushing and slow riffs in the vein of post-metal acts like Neurosis or Isis, but are magnificently enhanced by alluring and continuous melodies that brings to mind the darker side of Alice In Chains. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

Meanwhile, the band have just shared a music video for leading single and opening song “Introspective” via Metal Injection. Check it out here.

The band V has been around since the last century in its current state, although the line-up has changed to a previous installation of the band with Jesper (Perplex, Suffocate for fucks sake etc) leaving the drums to Daniel Liljekvist (Katatonia, Disrupted etc) and also Jonas Kindlund being replaced by Marcus Mackä Lindqvist on bass (Burn the Plague, Maggot Infested Ventriculus).

In the mid 90’s the personnel of V were all heavily involved with the underground hardcore scene of Sweden. A mix of death, thrash, punk and hardcore was facilitating a sound that later was to become the heaviness of V.

Andreas and Jonas G formed the hardcore outfit Amend in 1994, which is the starting point for what was later to become V after its earlier incarnation Clean Shade of Dirty which featured Per Sodomizer Eriksson on guitar (Bloodbath, Katatonia).

After the “Patternbreaker” EP that was recorded in studio Ear 2006, V was on a hiatus for ten years but emerged for another round with the full-length recording “Pathogenisis” in 2016 and the follow up “Led into Exile” in 2018.
The sound has moved towards even more heaviness and depth, laced with the ever-present cynicism of a world crumbling to its knees.

What started conceptually over 20 years ago as a straight path towards a better life with a socio-political agenda has during the years evolved into a realm of survivalism in an ever-increasing nihilistic environment.

V stands for many things, one of them being rebirth into a postmodern, apocalyptic world. The sound is being sculpted out of their misanthropic souls and the harsh weather of the north. Not only with heavy guitars, screaming vocals and pounding drums of doom but also with ethereal, cold and ambient landscapes surrounding the sonic mass being produced by V.

After playing a bunch of shows before the pandemic, including one on a mountaintop with generators etc (available on youtube) V decided to start recording of their third full length album. Due to the pandemic, things dragged out but now in 2023 it is done and about to be unleashed. To celebrate this, V has upgraded to: V order, the order of V which is written as: Vorder.