VOID CHAPTER releases new album ‘humAnIty’

Void Chapter releases new Cinematic Rock album ‘humAnIty’
 For Fans Of Celldweller, Mick Gordon, Tool

Purchase/Stream: https://link.fixtmusic.com/humAnIty

Void Chapter has announced their upcoming cinematic industrial rock album ‘humAnIty’ is now available across all platforms from FiXT.

Featuring appearances from CelldwellerDaedricK EnagonioMegan McDuffeeRobin Adams, and The Anix, the album is a masterfully crafted exhilarating audio journey through a dystopian sci-fi world. ‘humAnIty’ showcases the years of experience as solo artists and producers, with the complex pristine sound design and audio production, and the fabric of rich storytelling and songwriting for each finely crafted single.

Laying the foundation for a future dystopian world run completely by merciless AI, ‘humAnIty’ picks up where previous albums The Sprawl and The Uprising left off. Each release features a facet of the bleak world inhabited by humanity in this dark future. The slow burning “Drones” tells the story of the day-to-day people trapped in hopelessness, and includes the first vocal performance from Void Chapter’s own Brian Skeel. While “Diabolic” (feat. Daedric) picks up the dark tale of a world under the control of an unmerciful A.I. maintaining its grip on humanity and our day to day lives.

All is not lost. Dropping with the album is the hauntingly beautiful Rock Metal single “Our Time Is Now” (feat. The Anix). Featuring a compelling vocal performance from The Anix, “Our Time Is Now” is the capstone to the album. The song builds  up a hopeful atmosphere in contrast to the previous singles, marking a new beginning for an enslaved society that is rebuilding from the ashes of a dying corrupt world. Our time is now. 
The album also features the extended versions of the previous releases of “Diablolic”, “Reclaimer”, “Drones”, “Target Acquired” and a brilliant cover of Star Wars “Duel Of The Fates.”

The project is the brainchild of producers/composers Otto CateAdam Fielding, and Brian Skeel, and delivers an exhilarating audio journey through dystopian sci-fi worlds. Built upon years of experience as solo artists and producers, the project unites their efforts under the fabric of rich storytelling and songwriting with pristine sound design and audio production.

The Anix is the alternative / electro-rock project of Los Angeles artist/producer Brandon Smith. Known for pushing creative boundaries with his genre-bending mix of alternative rock with dark melancholic undertones drenched in an array of synthesizers. Since 2018, The Anix has released four full-length studio albums with the independent record label FiXT, including Shadow_Movement, Hologram, GRAPHITE, and REVENGE, with his new album NIGHTVISION coming in 2023.

“Our Time Is Now” (feat. The Anix) [Extended] is out now from FiXT.

Watch the “Our Time Is Now” (feat. The Anix) [Extended] Visualizer HERE.
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