VIPASSI Gaze Into the Unknown on “Morningstar”

VIPASSI Gaze Into the Unknown on “Morningstar”
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VIPASSI have been carefully unlocking a mystery. The Australian quartet’s new album, Lightless, explores all sorts of twisted phenomena, from the hooded ritual of “Phainesthai” to the distorted maze of “Labyrinthine Hex“.

Today, these instrumental seekers are turning their all-seeing eye toward the future on new single “Morningstar”.

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Lightless comes out January 26.


“Morningstar” gazes into an uncertain vision of the future. The song is blown open from the inside-out by a fretless low end that’s warped and bottomless as a black hole.

“A terrifying glimpse of the world beyond, visions of the future and its potential”. That’s how drummer Dan Presland describes his band’s new single.

The breakdown is heavy, with blast beats that whirl by like asteroids. But on “Morningstar”, VIPASSI reach somewhere beyond the celestial. The way the  dissonant riff floats through an eerie glint of synth will make you see more than stars.

“‘Morningstar’ is the true beginning of the spark that propels us through the album’s journey toward its haunting finale”, the band says.

Vipassi – “Morningstar” (Official Music Video) 2024
It’s no wonder that VIPASSI can spin epic stories without uttering a word. As a purely instrumental band, they’re blessed with a telepathic chemistry.

Watch as they weave as one through this playthrough of recent single “Labyrinthine Hex”.

Vipassi – “Labyrinthine Hex” (Official Studio Playthrough) 2023
The cover art was created by Xenoyr (

1. Lightless (5:07)

2. Labyrinthine Hex (7:11) [WATCH]
3. Morningstar (6:57) [WATCH]
4. Shapshu (4:23)
5. Phainesthai (5:49) [WATCH]
6. Ruination Glow (6:05)
7. Neon Rain (3:59)
8. Promethea (10:42)
Total runtime: 50:13

Style: Instrumental progressive metal
FFO: Ne Obliviscaris, Beyond Creation, Aubury, Virvum

Photo by Joe Ritson
In Buddhist tradition, VIPASSI is the twenty-second of the twenty-eight Buddhas. Etymologically, the name has its roots in clear vision – a being of extreme contemplation. The band of the same name is a world-spnning instrumental extreme metal band from the lands of Australia, France and the UK.

With members of acts such as Ne Obliviscaris, Black Lava, Hadal Maw & Virvum, their work on the 2017 debut album ‘Sunyata’, which has a loose signification of Emptiness or Void, set the grounds for a technically impressive and fully instrumental exploration of sonic textures in what can best be described as – a divine experience reaching the depths of the human soul.

Originally made as a project between Daniel Presland (Drums) and Ben Boyle (Guitars) as far back as 2007 to explore new concepts and sounds not currently engaged by their projects at the time, the band has since then grown and expanded to an international connection of like-minded musicians and virtuosos with Arran McSporran (Fretless Bass) and Benjamin Baret (Guitars).

Further exploring their labyrinthine textures and layers of sounds, the band VIPASSI is back with their sophomore album ‘Lightless’. The album shifts from the realm of the void towards a clash of light and dark – and sees the band expanding into even more technical and experimental realms, pushing the limits of their own ideas and abilities to heights unimagined when the band began all those years ago.

Daniel Presland – Drums
Ben Boyle – Guitars & Synths
Arran McSporran – Fretless Bass
Benjamin Baret – Guitar Solos

Bushido Studios, Melbourne, Australia with additional recording in Gandia, Spain & Bordeaux, France.

Sound Engineer – Troy Mccosker
Mixing & Mastering Engineer – Mark Lewis

Cover Art
Xenoyr –

Sébastien Gamez


Available formats:
CD Digipak
Digital Download
12″ Vinyl Gatefold – Black
12″ Coloured Vinyl Gatefold – Black & White Splatters

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