Vienna, Austria Punks The Rumperts Release New Album ‘New Age Jesus’

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The Rumperts – ‘New Age Jesus’ is the biggest album from the Viennese punk rock band to date.

Recorded and produced in the legendary Blasting Room

10 Track Album Includes Punked Up Cover Of Bowie’s ‘Suffragette City’

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Photo Credit: Karl Karlson (Instagram: koalkoalson)

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During the pandemic in December ’21, in between zoom meetings, fevers and snowstorms, The Rumperts, the four-piece punk band from Vienna, Austria, got together in their basement to work on the new album “New Age Jesus”. Even though the circumstances weren’t easy, they couldn’t stop writing – they had only one goal in mind: finish the album and take it to Colorado, in only 5 months, after SBÄM offered them the incredible opportunity to record the album at the legendary Blasting Room Studios.

Inspired by misogyny, body shaming, love, narcissism and the meaning of life, they threw personal experience and emotions together and made an album that sounds more aggressive, heavier and wilder than the first one.

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Track Listing:

1. Nazissist

2. Liquid Diet

3. Growin Old

4. Cheesburger

5. I Plead Insanity

6. Mutiny

7. Slob

8. Mess

9. New Age Jesus

10. Sufragette City

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Photo Credit: Karl Karlson (Instagram: koalkoalson)