VESSEL OF INIQUITY (UK Industrial Black Metal/Noise/Grindcore)

Industrial black metal/noise/grind nightmare Vessel of Iniquity is back with its third official full-length album, a rogue abomination set to blow yet another smoldering wound into the fabric of consciousness via unconceivable deconstructions of reality and through a deviant approach to music creation aimed at harnessing absolute terror and mimicking the final stages of sanity. Introducing eight-string guitars for the first time ever, on “The Path Unseen” sole mastermind A. White has made a stylistic and sonic shift aimed at rendering his beast an even more lethal and oppressive force than ever before. The switch to eight strings has given the project abyss-like traits, as a death-bearing payload of low end frequencies and bottom end crush-depth of near-inescapable traits is added into the mix rendering the project essentially irreversibly damaging. The unrelenting outreach and research for the most weaponized and exaggerated forms of aural annihilation conceivable are now ever so evident in the project as Vessel of Iniquity morphs once again, release after release, seeking new ways to dissolve reality and suck the life out of its surroundings with black hole-like constructs of inescapable and all-devouring terror, which also showcase with unmistakeable evidence the fiercely experimental and constantly evolving nature of the project. Aside from the outlandish experiments in inconceivable fretwork annihilation, the catastrophic work is completed by its staple assault of carpet bombing drum machines, tectonic noise constructs and monstrous industrial abstractions that all play their unforgiving role in assembling this obliterating sonic nightmare of the underground which is becoming more and more the embodiment of pure fear and terror and an increasingly recognizable heirloom to the endless quest for the absolute extreme.

Digital download included with the purchase of physical copies.

DIE-HARD TEST PRESSING PACKAGE & WOVEN PATCHES: three of only five made – available for sale here. Comes in a custom made black fold-over cover silkscreened with metallic gold ink. Hand-numbered and with all release info hand-written with metallic gold felt-tip pen, signed and stamped with the SR sigil in gold ink. Includes secret mystery silkscreened graphic inside and 2x Anticreation logo woven patches.

TEST CASSETTE W/ DIE-HARD PACKAGING: six of only eight made – the only ones made available for sale. Comes in a soft poly case with the original j-card and includes a custom made black slipcase silkscreened with metallic gold ink. The slipcase is signed, hand-numbered, and stamped with the SR sigil in gold ink and includes all release info written with gold felt-tip pen.

VINYL: limited edition maroon colored vinyl (100 units worldwide – direct label retail item not wholesaled or distributed) or standard black vinyl inside a matte laminated sleeve with black flood inside the pocket, matte lyric insert, black poly-lined inner bag and download card.

CD: four-panel matte-laminated digipak with clear tray and black flood.

CASSETTE TAPE: clear green case and download card.