Vallory Falls Deliver Debut Album With Unfiltered Honesty

Image Credit: Brian LaClair


Pop-punkers Vallory Falls are delivering a debut album true to their heart-on-the-sleeve ethos, To Save You.

The Vermont band combines different flavors of punk and alternative rock into a collection of songs focused on introspection, escapism and social uneasiness.

Kicking off the album with a bang, “Never Bailed” opens the floodgates with a mosh-worthy pace and hardcore-inspired chugs. It’s one of a few moments on the album that teeters on the edge of chaos before getting reined back in by the band.

Vallory Falls’ journey as a group is as much a story on the album as the lyrical themes. From the band’s formation three years ago and a few lineup changes later, the group’s confidence and cohesion is clear throughout To Save You.

Tristan Gilliss (vocals & guitar) credited the band’s camaraderie with allowing an environment where they could experiment and create without judgment.

There’s a lot of cool shit you can do making records,” he said. “We have some gang vocals going on some tracks that we even got help from our friends. We had them come over to the studio and scream a bunch and recorded some takes of them yelling in the opposite direction of the mic or right at the wall. Once you stop trying to record a song and instead make something exciting to listen to, all sorts of interesting things can happen.

Inner monologues and intimate moments color the album’s 10 tracks. “Art School (Time To Leave)” reassures listeners, “It’s okay to feel like shit.” On the other hand, “Clown” boils over during its potent bridge where layered screams rise and yell, “Is that the joke?” Palm-muted guitar strums and percussion stop-starts confirm the band’s songwriting chops.

“Whatever Man” holds a fiery frustration undoubtedly inspired by 90’s & 2000’s pop punk staples like Sum 41 & blink-182. Singles “Rosie” and “Want Me Dead” draw on influential favorites like Modern Baseball & My Chemical Romance.

Armed with punk essentials and emotional resonance, Vallory Falls is proving they deserve a spot among alt-rock and emo’s up-and-comers.

View the band’s upcoming Northeast dates below.


June 29 – To Save You Release Show @ Burlington Beer Company – Burlington, VT

July 5 – Peabody’s – Plattsburgh, NY

July 6 – Rendezvous – Turner Falls, MA

July 7 – Mountain Music – Rutland, VT

July 10 – Scottish Dave’s – Clinton, CT

July 11 – AS220 – Providence, RI

July 12 – Square Root – Boston, MA

July 13 – Penuche’s – Concord, NH

July 14 – BPM – Portland, ME


Blood, Sweat & Beers named “Want Me Dead” one of their top tracks back on its release week:

Vallory Falls – To Save You

1. Never Bailed

2. Rosie

3. Want Me Dead

4. Art School (Time To Leave)

5. Clown

6. As Above, So Below

7. Whatever Man

8. Consistently Inconsistent

9. To Save You

10. New Years

Hometown: Burlington, VT

Release Date: June 29, 2024

Genre: Pop Punk, Emo

FFO: Joyce Manor, Mom Jeans, Green Day

Produced By: Sky Audio


Vallory Falls is a force of energetic pop punk desperation, a heart-on-the-sleeve remedy to the angst felt in the shadow of the great Green Mountains. From its formation in 2021, the band has shown its thematic diversity in singles such as “Rosie” and “This Too Shall Pass.” Dealing with issues of longing, regret and the fear of change, their music resonates with the disadvantaged underbelly of New England’s own.

Massachusetts native and frontman Tristan Gilliss saw the band as an opportunity to make a statement. In the midst of both a move to Vermont and a lineup change in 2021, he enlisted bassist Riley Burridge after seeing her perform at a benefit concert in South Burlington. Riley played only one show on bass guitar before the departure of original members Matt Wilson and Kat Delitto.

After a difficult year trying out new bandmates, toiling over demos, and considering Riley’s time drumming in local acts while attending Lyndon State, the idea of an instrument change was floated. Days later, the duo found themselves driving to the US border with Canada to purchase a used kit. Within weeks of this shift, the band had their bassist in Dan Lecours of Michigan. Won over by his drive and relentless dry humor, the band finally began playing shows together in their new home state.

2023 saw further lineup changes on lead guitar, with the group fleshing out their sound with the indelible melodic experience brought by guitarist Meghan Burke. Having played in numerous staple punk rock bands in the area, Meghan is the newest member of Vallory Falls. In late 2023 and into early 2024, the band began recording in Gilliss’ basement studio for their debut studio album.

Vallory Falls have played countless shows in the greater New England area, with plans far beyond their home state. For booking inquiries, please contact the band at


Tristan Gilliss – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Meghan Burke – Lead Guitar

Dan Lecours – Bass

Riley Burridge – Drums