US Space Garage Band DUST MICE Sign With Wormholedeath For The Reissue Of “Earth III” Album

US Space Garage band Dust Mice are excited to announce that the cosmic spread of Psych jams will continue and grow stronger. Earth III will be released worldwide in 2022 by Wormholedeath records. We are excited to have our music delivered to tons of new fans in new countries!

Earth III is the first album from Dust Mice, following up on the themes introduced in their EP Moon Fetus. The album was written while the band was actively gigging and the final form of many of the songs was worked out on-stage before tracking the album live. To get the layered, out of control sound Dust Mice hunkered down for a session of overdubs and extended jams. Those tracks were cut up and mixed throughout the album as sonic connective tissue, mimicking the chaotic sonic assault of a live Dust Mice show. The studio version is a suitable replacement. Just remember to turn it up loud.
Lyrical themes explore in tales of wizard cults (Mtn. Wizzards), suicidal androids (Eye Make You Eye), the existential burden of living on a generation starship (Hep X), and the self-mythologizing failures of American Imperialism (Choom Wagon, Sky King). This all comes together in a cover of Black Sabbath’s Solitude, interpreted as a charging space-garage celebration of humanity’s ultimate failure. The only note of hope comes from Desert Bus, an ode to psychedelic introspection and opening yourself to the majesty of the universe.

“Space Chooglin. But not the current depressing reality of space exploration, the post-capitalist domination of the outer planets while USE (United Socialist Earth) rots away in self indulgent excess.
Less the cosmic promise of early Sci-Fi and more the anxious repetition of alarms that signal imminent oxygen depletion in 5…4…3…2.. X_X”

Dust Mice is a 5 piece Space-Garage band from the Pacific Northwest. Analog synths, distorted saxophone and raw guitar combine with a driving rhythm section to deliver spaced out garage rock with influences from New Wave Sci-Fi, post-punk, and classic metal. Previous work includes 2 EPs and a digital single, which are all available (including bonus live tracks) on the Super Moon Fetus compilation.




1.Choom Wagon

2.Eye Make You Eye

3.Hepatitis X


5.Sky King

6.Crisis on Infinite Earths

7.Desert Bus

8.Mountain Wizzards