Urne // Nomadus // Haint // Live Review // Voodoo // Belfast

URNE // Nomadus // Haint // Live Review // Voodoo // Belfast

The M2TM Final for Northern Ireland  is next week, and I should be in a dark room contemplating life right now, though I guess I am. Once again, I am here in Voodoo Belfast for another night of heavy music with two of Northern Ireland’s standout local bands, Nomadus and Haint supporting the mighty URNE on the Irish leg of their EU/UK tour.

The diehard metal fans are out in force tonight as Haint open up proceedings, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the lads play live so I am looking forward to reuniting with them in the flesh as they bring their own brand of Progressive Metal to the fore for tonight’s proceedings. As they start most of the crowd are mingling in the street below but as soon as the heft kicks in, so does the crowd and by the time my first 3 songs are done with photos the room has filled rightly.

For a three-piece Haint delivers a huge sound, no doubt to Ian’s Silvertop and Diezel amp behind him as well as Darren’s Five String bass and Mark’s savage drum sound, these guys are right, meticulous and on point when they play live. Tonight is no exception, a short but sweet set reminds me why they were loved so much when we discovered them a few years back. They have only continued to grow in stature, delivering intelligent, well-formulated Prog-Rock that few bands on the local scene date to do, or do so well. Stellar musicianship, confident stage presence and the music to back it all up means every time they play they turn heads,  a grand opening indeed.



Now for the brutal Nomadus!

Once again it’s been a while since I caught Nomadus live, so I look forward to catching up with them although I see Freddy every week at M2TM championing all of his fellow musicians here in the NI Scene. Right from the off Nomadus has a gargantuan sound, two guitarists right on the money and a solid backline to boot, the double bass of the drums shaking the room to its core. the space left in the songs for the groove to hit is majestic, huge-sounding riffs, and thick vocals have everyone in the room pulling their best stank faces!

Every song seems to get bigger, and heavier as they have sculpted one serious set to make their mark this evening, as mentioned before they guys have had their heads down grinding doing some serious hard work, putting in the hours and miles getting their cute little asses out there in front of sheeple far and wide to get the brand and band out there. It’s paying off. You can tell by the quality of songwriting these guys are a serious outfit and ones to watch for sure!



A short break and tonight’s headliners, London’s URNE take to the stage, a three-piece with a sound all their own. They kick off the set with a Celtic-sounding guitar lead that immediately demands your attention and from there it just doesn’t quite stop,, tight as fuck these guys put on a blistering display as to why 3 pieces fuckin rule!

Their ability to start and stop on a dime is mind-blowing, the technical ability on show is a thing of beauty and a savage sight to see and feel in the flesh! A musicians musician kind of band, the beauty of a good three-piece is the clarity it can afford when done right, every thrash of the guitar cutting through the mix beautifully. Against a wall of bass from the backline, the floor reverberating beneath me it’s just glorious. Any intricate guitar lines shine, all whilst the savage vocal lines are delivered over the top to create a killer sonic wall of brutality! After releasing their sophomore album ‘A Feast Of Sorrow’ last year URNE have continued to cement their reputation through hard graft and dedication to their craft, as frontman Joe Nally says himself they dont take for granted that anyone shows up to their shows, and making their Belfast debut this evening, a warm Northern Irish welcome was there to greet them from a bloodthirsty metal loving crowd.

Every song met with rapturous applause at its conclusion, as they hit every note on point, a tour de force performance you can see why they are the band of choice to support the magnificent Alien Weaponry on their EU Tour.

A sleeper of a gig, one that was not quite on many people’s radar but surely will be remembered as one of the gigs of 2024.

I’ve been Mark, you’ve been lovely, I’ll see you all here once again next Friday!


Photography: Mark McGrogan

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