Ukrainian punk band Death Pill share new live video for ‘MONSTERS’ filmed in Kyiv

New Heavy Sounds recently announced a very very special team up between their favourite punk sisters, Shooting Daggers and Death Pill.
Both bands have recorded a brand new song, and what better way is there to present them (or any kind of punk) than a good old split single. Recently they kicked off the Shooting Daggers/Death Pill split, with a new Death Pill track ‘MONSTERS’.
Now Death Pill have shared a live video for the track which was filmed at the start of their recent ‘Over My Dead Body’ tour at The Crown Bar, Kyiv, Ukraine. The band comment,
“This is a live video from our first show which was a charity gig after more than a 1 year break.  We are very proud of the fact that even in such difficult times our underground family still finds an opportunity to support our defenders, and at the same time attend a concert. We thank everyone who was with us that evening and those who make it possible to hold such events! It was amazing!”
Watch the live video for ‘MONSTERS’ –
Some more info …
Ukrainian punk trio Death Pill certainly made a stir when they hit the UK as part of their first ever European tour. Articles in the likes of the Guardian and Sunday Times, featured in all the music mags, plus the band showed that they were a pretty ferocious musical outfit, as those who were witness to the full on live experience can testify.
Whilst in London, the band also had time to cut ‘MONSTERS’. Recorded live in the studio with Wayne Adams (Pet Brick, Big Lad and producer of Green Lung) at the helm, MONSTERS is a short, sharp shock. An angry, sardonic and skewed amalgam of riffs and full on blast beats … it growls and it rips. The band adds,
“This track is about how our parents knowingly or unknowingly lose their children. As an example – here are the most painful things you could hear from your folks:  “When will you finish your music games?”
“You will never achieve anything!”
“When are you finally going to do something useful?”
Therefore, when there was an opportunity to record a one live song in London, the choice of a song became obvious.
Just imagine the “surprise” on the faces of our mums…
Many thanks for Ged and Paul from the NHS label for supporting this idea, and to Wayne from Bear Bites Horse for the sick and fat sound”
What makes this release all the more exciting, is that Shooting Daggers are dropping their first new music since last year’s EP ‘Athames’.
Sal, Bea and Raquel are most definitely on the way up, their exciting blend of hard as nails hardcore, punk attitude and a neat melodic sense have made them a much sought after outfit, for gigs and festivals here and across Europe. They are slowly but surely proving themselves to be one of THE bands to watch in 2024.
If the EP left their growing legion of fans gagging for more, new track ‘NOT MY RIVAL’ will not disappoint. It’s a catchy, pogo-tastic, queercore punk banger, full of feminist grit and a killer earworm chorus.
The band says …
“Not My Rival, is a song about dismantling the male gaze, fighting against the internalised patriarchal messages that we all unconsciously absorb. It’s about breaking the cycle of female rivalry. We want to encourage lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down”
The Shooting Daggers debut album is due in the new year …. you have been warned, this is the shape of things to come.
‘MONSTERS’ drops on 3rd November on all digital and streaming platforms. ‘NOT MY RIVAL’ drops on the full single release date of 17th November.
But there’s more … a very special 7” single strictly limited to 250 copies.
The 7” comes in classic black vinyl, with a reversible foldover sleeve with artwork from each band on each side so you can choose your own cover,  full colour printed labels housed in a poly overbag. It’s available only by mail order from Bandcamp.
The vinyl also drops on November 17th, and you can pre order it from both of the band’s Bandcamp pages.