UK Pop-punkers JAWS OF LIFE Talk Influences & Inspiration With Rock ‘N’ Load

UK Pop-punkers JAWS OF LIFE (  ) unleash their stunning debut EP, Jaws Of Life Mini Mix Tape, on Friday 8th July. South Wales anthemic tunesters have recently released their new single and video, Stargazing – . With a killer sound that packs a punch, we exclusively asked Mitch and Rhys from the band which tracks have greatly influenced their work:

Mitch Bock (guitar & vocals):

“In too deep by Sum 41 –

For me this song is the perfect example if you can nail a really catchy riff you’re onto a winner. As soon as that first note hits you know exactly what song it is. For me this influenced my songwriting massively, try catching people’s attention in that first few seconds.

Wasted years by Iron Maiden –

The lead line for this song was one of the first things I ever learned on guitar. I remember hearing it and thinking wow that guy must be playing something intricate, but really it’s a simple riff. I’ve always kept this in mind when writing, sometimes the most simple ideas are the best.”

Rhys Anderson (guitar):

“What’s my age again by Blink182 –

This song has been a major influence on me and it really helped shape my song writing. As soon as I heard the guitar picking at the start I was hooked. I learnt that songs can have cool clean patterns as well as, chugged riffs and distorted rhythm patterns, they all gel well together.

Rose of sharyn by Killswitch Engage –

“You wouldn’t necessarily hear it in our music. But it’s helped my songwriting definitely, and has opened my eyes as a songwriter. The string skipping intro into the a huge chorus and it gets so well. It’s how me and Mitch approach song writing everything needs to flow.”

My friends over you by New found glory –

This song is all about the rhythm for me. As soon as the main riff kicks in you can’t help but to nod your head even if you don’t know who the band are. We like to have a lot of bounce and rhythm in our music, like I said we like songs to flow seamlessly.

Can’t stop loving’ you by Van Halen – you 

I remember when me and Mitch were discussing ideas and how we were going approach writing choruses. We wanted to put that 80s big chorus vibe with some guitar solos thrown in.”