UK hardcore band Splitknuckle release new album, Breathing Through The Wound, on DAZE

UK hardcore band Splitknuckle release new album, Breathing Through The Wound, on DAZE

Photo Credit: Declan Breckon

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“Breathing Through The Wound is as mean as they come; it snaps from one savage, jagged riff to the next and each hits just as hard as that which came before.”Distorted Sound

“On Breathing Through the Wound they deliver what is one of the strongest records to emerge from UK hardcore in recent memory.”Boolin Tunes

“An album that raises the hairs on the back of the neck with its sheer energy while being front loaded with classic riffs and a certain nostalgic charm in the style and tones, this one is one to savour that you’ll come back to time and again” Metal Noise

“Title track ‘Breathing Through The Wound’ is brain-rattling heavy and in short, fucking ignorant.”Noizze

Hailing from Essex, England, Splitknuckle have been creating raw, crushing hardcore since 2014. Today, the band release their sophomore album, Breathing Through The Wound, out through DAZE and Northern Unrest. The album sways between relentlessly heavy, filled with chunky metallic riffs and raging vocals, and more sullen, experimenting with the depths of melody. Working with Ben Spence at Fuzzbrain Studios in Walthamstow, Spence encouraged the band to get creative and the result is an exploration through hardcore and melodic death metal. Guest features from Pest Control and Raiden vocalists, and a cover of UK band Special Move track “The Sickness” round out the record. Lyrically, the album is about dealing with what’s happened to you for better or worse, be your actions “good” or “bad”, however you look at it.

You can stream the Breathing Through The Wound HERE and order the record through DAZE.

Splitkuckle is Joey Drake (vocals), Christy O’Connor (guitars), Liam McCarthy (guitars), Larry Statts (bass), and Matt Bullis (drums).

Breathing Through The Wound Tracklist:

1. Fuck Your Whole Life

2. Gutter Thoughts

3. We Share Blood (Not Love) ft. Leah Massey (Pest Control)

4. Sharpening Teeth

5. Nothing Left To Destroy ft. Andy Baz (Raiden)

6. Breathing Through The Wound

7. Gethsemane

8. Essex Kings ft. Andy Baz (Raiden)

9. Stay Keeping Count

10. The Sickness (Special Move cover)

Upcoming Shows:

Jan 20 – London, UK @ The Dome (Record Release)