UK Band New Hope Club Release Two New Tracks & Music Video For “L.U.S.H.”





(October 27, 2022) Continuing a breakout year as one of the UK’s fastest-rising pop bands, New Hope Club maintain incredible momentum from their acclaimed series of multi-track releases by sharing a new two-pack: “L.U.S.H.” and “Walk It Out” available today.

Listen to the tracks—HERE.

“L.U.S.H.” appropriates some good old-fashioned British slang within the framework of a decidedly fresh and fiery 21st century anthem. In the UK, “Lush” describes “something or someone incredibly desirable.” For the boys, this holds true as the title doubles as an acronym for “Love U So Hard.” Right out of the gate, the thump of a toe-tapping bass line and bright guitars instantly set the tempo. The cheeky and catchy chorus swings like a wrecking ball with a confession, “I love you so hard, yeah your loving tears me apart.” In the accompanying visual, the boys perform in an ornate and classy ballroom. In front of a British flag, they tear it up as if the hall were Wembley for an audience of just the bolo tie-wearing proprietor. It concludes with them repeating the refrain after sucking down helium from a few balloons, capturing their sense of humor.

Watch “L.U.S.H.” video-HERE

Then, there’s the shuffling shimmy and shake of “Walk It Out.” Synths light up the dancefloor as handclaps underline an instantly chantable hook. Preserving an unfiltered creative vision, frontman Blake Richardson produced “Walk It Out” and co-produced “L.U.S.H.” with John Ryan.

These tracks land in the wake of “Call Me A Quitter” and “Whatever.”  The latter two-pack tallied north of 2 million cumulative streams and 1 million total views between the respective music videos. Upon release, CelebMix raved, “The contrasting styles of ‘Call Me A Quitter’ and ‘Whatever’ showcase the trio’s extraordinary musical evolution as they continue to further explore their brooding and quintessential British pop sound by delivering their most progressive and searingly honest material yet.” 1883 Magazine spoke to the band and attested, “The latest double-single, ‘Call Me A Quitter’ and ‘Whatever’ reminisce of summer sunshine and 60s glam rock, give just a taste of what New Hope Club has got in store.”

New Hope Club have gathered streams in the billions, attracted praise from the likes of FLAUNT, EW and British GQ, and emerged as a UK-bred phenomenon. They strike a sweet spot between ecstatic danceable pop and stadium-size rock dressed to the nines with runway-ready style.

Everything just paves the way for a whole lot more from the group soon.

 “Getting Better” and “Girl Who Does Both” dropped earlier this summer. Together, the songs cumulatively tallied over 10 million streams and counting. Meanwhile, The Honey Pop proclaimed, “Blake, George, and Reese never fail to amaze us, and this new double release is no exception,” before going on to rave, “With these two songs in our library now, we’re absolutely stoked to see what NHC have in store for us with their sophomore album.”

The boys continue to infiltrate every level of culture. Blake attended the Celine Homme 2023 Show at Paris Fashion Week and chronicled it in a FLAUNT photo diary. The outlet added, “About the trajectory of his career, Richardson simply explains he is creating his own painting. And so far so good.” Meanwhile, he recently met one of the biggest stars in the world (and longtime New Hope Club fan) of BTS. Other looks included MTV Fresh Out Live and Entertainment Weekly.

Plus, the front man will make his big screen debut as none other than a young Sir Paul McCartney in Midas Man, the much-anticipated biopic on Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

Stay tuned for more from New Hope Club.

About New Hope Club

Manchester natives, New Hope Club (Blake Richardson, Reece Bibby, George Smith) have written and performed together since 2015. The band has developed a devoted global fanbase, selling out headline shows around the world from Los Angeles to New York, London to Seoul, and Tokyo. The band’s 2020 self-titled debut album hit #5 on the UK charts, just behind Justin Bieber, Lewis Capaldi, Tame Impale, and Billie Eilish. The album has since achieved Platinum status in Korea, Indonesia, and Malaysia. With each member of New Hope Club a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and lead vocalist, the band spent the past two years writing, producing and developing their new sound for their upcoming sophomore album. Deeply Inspired by the great British bands they grew up listening to like The Beatles, The Stone Roses, and Oasis, New Hope Club sprinkle magic touches of classic sounds all over a treasure trove of new music – from sunshine 60s LA pop to reggae rhythms. Having accumulated over 2 billion streams and over 270 million YouTube views globally, the band will be releasing 2-song, multitrack singles throughout 2022, leading into their much-anticipated sophomore album set to release in Spring 2023.

Additionally, the band’s lead singer, Blake Richardson, is making his feature film debut playing a young Paul McCartney in Midas Man, the upcoming music biopic about Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

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