TROPIC GOLD release brand new single ‘HAPPY’

TROPIC GOLD release brand new single ‘HAPPY’

Their first music since last year’s ‘What A Wonderful Experience’ EP

Suffolk-via-Essex band, Tropic Gold, who last year released their breakout ‘What A Wonderful Experience’ EP , have today released a brand new single, ‘HAPPY’.

“HAPPY is the conversation of giving up everything you have to be happy, and making sacrifices to gain eternal life and happiness,” they share. ‘“HAPPY is the thought in your head trying to persuade you to take the gold juice to make you feel better, selling yourself to something higher than you, a preacher, messiah, a prophet. HAPPY connects self-sacrifice for fake happiness, to the end result of feeling terrified after realising what you’ve done.”

  TROPIC GOLD – ‘HAPPY’ (Official Music Video)

Tropic Gold offer up a sleekly modern meld of alternative, metal, pop, and electronica, cajoling their passions for a dynamic culture pool of music and production styles into a single sonic petri dish.

Though originally formed in 2019, they’ve spent years in the lab, developing their sound and strong aesthetics behind the closed doors of a bespoke, self-built multimedia studio.

The Tropic Gold method is truly hands on, with guitarist Joshua Lee handling all production and recording duties, as well as diving into the weeds on their visual curation, manning the camera and edit suite as often as the production chair.

Today, with their vision firmly in grasp, the band are ready to move beyond the prologue, and have struck up a partnership with UNFD to bring their soaring, infectious soundscapes to a global audience.

Pairing swathes of moody atmospherics with soaring, ear worm choruses, the band’s songs feel like they would be equally A Vibe™ pulsing across sticky, cramped dance floors as soaring atop airy arenas.

Coming on like a new romantic Bring Me The Horizon or a post breakup Don Broco who just discovered their parents copy of The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’ or a 45rpm copy of ‘Sing The Sorrow’ playing at 33rpm… tl;dr: Tropic Gold are as gloomy as they are catchy.

Sharing a sonic space with the likes of the aforementioned BMTH and Broco, PVRIS, (latter day) Architects, Caskets, Spiritbox’s plaintive moments and even Enter Shikari (albeit on Valium), Tropic Gold are just getting started in figuring out how to weaponise their cocktail of slap and swag.



11: LONDON Omeara w/ Calva Louise

12: CHELTENHAM 2000 Trees Festival


30: TORQUAY Burn It Down Festival

31: TORQUAY Burn It Down Festival


28: DERBY Hometown Festival

Tropic Gold is:

Jacob Parris – Vocals

Joshua Lee – Guitars, Programming