TROPHY EYES release new single ‘People Like You’

TROPHY EYES release new single ‘People Like You’

New album, ‘Suicide and Sunshine’, is released June 23rd on Hopeless Records

Australian punk rockers Trophy Eyes who are gearing up for the release of their new album, ‘Suicide and Sunshine’, this Friday, have today released a new single, ‘People Like You’.

“‘“People Like You”, is a song about growing up poor in the rural New South Wales town of Mudgee while the school kids around him came from wealthy, well-adjusted families” says John Floreani. “It’s me reflecting, and also firsthand memories of what was happening, like they’re staring at the holes in my shoes, and the embarrassment

and desire to belong, and not understanding why you don’t,” he explains. “It’s like a protest against the idea of class and happy families.”

People Like You (Official Music Video)

TROPHY EYES – ‘People Like You’ (Official Music Video)

Just like the title Suicide and Sunshine, Trophy Eyes’ fourth album is about contrast. About light and dark. About beauty and tragedy. About the full spectrum of life, as told through the eyes of frontman John Floreani.

“It’s the human experience,” says Floreani. “What we experience and how we navigate it. The millions of tiny flashes of light that are memories and thoughts and feelings and smells, all those little moments make up a lifetime. They’re beautifully tragic because they don’t mean anything to anyone, and on the scale of everything in the universe don’t mean a damn thing. But it’s so beautiful that they happen in the first place.”

If it sounds like Suicide and Sunshine is an album of Very Big Ideas, it is. They are, however, told through the lens of the everyday, each song a different “flash of light” from the frontman’s life.

Floreani’s willingness to dive so deeply into the most personal parts of his life is matched by the band’s desire to explore the very boundaries of the hardcore genre. Alongside Floreani’s impassioned vocals, drummer Blake Caruso’s insistent rhythms, Jeremy Winchester’s unflinching bass and the powerful guitars – handled by Floreani, producer Shane Edwards and former guitarist Andrew Hallett – the album is rich with anthemic hooks, dark modern pop, electronic flourishes courtesy of co-producer Fletcher Matthews, and atmospheric, swirling synths.



1) Sydney

2) Life In Slow Motion

3) People Like You

4) My Inheritance

5) Blue Eyed Boy

6) Runaway Come Home

7) Burden

8) Sean

9) What Hurts The Most

10) OMW

11) Kill

12) Sweet Soft Sound

13) Stay Here

14) Epilogue