TOM KILLNER – ‘Borrowed Time’ – The NEW Album April 12th







Tom Killner who straddles the line between genres with soulfully infused blues, southern rock, country, and americana is proud to announce his new album ‘Borrowed Time’ due for release April 12 on CD, vinyl and all digital platforms available now for pre-order HERE. The excited 28 year old free spirited and softly spoken Tom states with an infectious smile, “It has been a long time coming but it will take you on a rollercoaster that is life with hooky riffs and heartfelt songs and I assure you it’ll all have been worth the wait!.”

The 10 track collection bears an overarching story and is truly that of a singer/songwriter and to be aurally enveloped in a single sitting each listen, “I’ve always been around music from an early age and I really wanted to tell stories of characters you meet in life, relationships both good and bad, and of events and emotions that have moved or affected me in some way. For the first time in my life I experienced some mental health challenges in lockdown, like so many did, I partly used that as a catalyst to create and for those listening to relate to.” The Rotherham UK born award-winning powerhouse vocalist and guitarist goes on, “Some of the songs go back a way like the Friday night rocker ‘Light It Up’, some were wrote in lockdown like the first single ‘Cosmic Sounds’ which came to me in a moment of stillness and reflection with it swirling around my head and I just couldn’t let it go. ‘One Day At A Time’ is one where you may feel that you’ve lost it all but there’s something that spurs you along the road.”

Opening with the immediate ‘Cosmic Sounds’ the listener is swept along on a sonic journey that encompasses a myriad of styles, instrumentation and songwriting from the honky-tonk good time ‘On The Other Side’ to the simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting ‘No More’ through to the foot tapping title track ‘Borrowed Time’. “The band and I were jamming and it just flowed out. We’re only here once, and in this moment as the past doesn’t exist. We can’t waste time and life is long if you spend it right as it’s all just borrowed.” The aforementioned single features the esteemed Sam Wood (Black Star Riders, Wayward Sons) on lap steel and backing vocals are breathed throughout by the highly talented Kier with co-production handled by the much in-demand Wayne Proctor at his House of Tone Studios (King King, Aynsley Lister, Ben Poole, Oli Brown).

Winning over audiences across the UK and Europe with their highly dynamic show, Tom and the band featuring the blistering Wes Brook (keys, Hammond), Callum Houghton (bass) and Rich Hunter (drums) who throw down a memorable showcase of guitar slinging, emotional and foot-stomping hell-raising songs. Dovetailing the new album release, 2024 is set to be Tom’s busiest year to date, “We’re playing a good number of festivals in Call of the Wild, Rockwich, HRH Blues, SOS Festival and others yet to be announced. We have a special new album launch show at Yellow Arch Studio Sheffield March 22 where I’ll be playing a VIP acoustic set first followed by our electric set. We also hit the road in a double header with southern rockers American band Hush Money and we’ve got more up our sleeves. You’ll be seeing plenty of us that’s for sure and playing live is where it’s at for us!”

Eager for all to hear what he passionately believes to be his best work to date, “I’m very grateful to all those who backed the Kickstarter campaign so I have to be true to them and all. I’ve really stuck to my guns with this album and haven’t once thought I had to conform to a specific style or way of writing and I’ve grown a lot as a person as a result. It’s my most honest and revealing album and I hope the listener can take something away from it for themselves.” Saddle up and join Tom Killner for a tapestry of a trip through ‘Borrowed Time’.


Cosmic Sounds

Devils Gate

One Day At A Time

On The Other Side

Only You

Borrowed Time

No More

Heart Of Gold

Light It Up

Ride With Me


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