THUUM // The Sophie Lancaster Stage // BOA22 // Thursday August 11th

Named after Elder Scrolls game Skyrim, Bournemouths THUUM are quick to point out that they more than just a nod to a video game. Combining sludge ridden riffs, with epic melodies, its music written with the purpose of pushing the groove, whilst exploring boundaries, but maintaining their own sound.
Hard work to build a strong reputation as a must see live band, scored them support slots with calibre bands like Crowbar, and Orange Goblin, and invitation to play Bloodstock Festival, which resulted in a 4k Kerrang! review and the only New Blood Stage to be reviewed that year.
Vocals/Guitars: Bear
Lead Guitars: Max
Bass: David
Drums: Ewan
Now, after a world pandemic, and a big line-up change, Thuum have stormed back into the UK scene with new flame lit, coming armed with new material, new direction and drive where only the sky is the limit!
This is HUGE for us. We, as fans of the festival for many years, have all dreamt about the chance to play Sophie Stage at Bloodstock. Now with our new material and lineup, we are super charged to be invited to play, and we will be bringing our A game! We hope you like filthy riffs, and contagious grooves, cos thats what ya getting!
For Fans Of: Mastodon, Lamb Of God, Machine Head, Pantera, Malevolence
Rock ‘N’ Load’s Thoughts: “Gnarly riffage, hefty vocals and a guttural quality Thuum bring the noise to the Sophie Lancaster Stage, shaking the ground with their savage sound, Thursday night at BOA22 is turning into an absolute rager!”