Thrashy hardcore band Big Deal share new single “Thank You” (Feat. Strangle You)

Thrashy hardcore band Big Deal share new single

“Thank You” feat. Strangle You

Announce debut album, Beyond Repair, set for release

February 23rd on Heroes & Martyrs

Photo Credit: Kinkade Rupert

STREAM: “Thank You”
PREORDER: Beyond Repair

Today, Michigan hardcore band Big Deal announce their debut album, Beyond Repair, set for release February 23rd on New York-based label, Heroes + Martyrs. The record is a frenzy of seven energetic songs that combine traditional hardcore with more metallic thrash elements. Having already teased with early singles “Upper Hand” and “Raw Deal,” Big Deal now shares “Thank You.” The two and half minute track soars with an electrifying riff,  seething vocals, and features a guest spot from Atlanta hardcore band Strangle You. You can listen to it HERE and on Bandcamp.

On the lyrics, vocalist Joe Plonkey states:

“Thank You was written about abandonment and fear of abandonment. It is also about the realization that the people that aren’t in our lives make us stronger. It’s a rare positive twist on a negative song for me.”

Formed in 2021, Big Deal are five friends who wanted to bring a fresh perspective and sound to hardcore. The band debuted with their EP, Great Deal of Pain, in that same year and now prep for the debut full-length, Beyond Repair. Built for fans of bands like No Warning and Dead Heat, the songs are gritty and large at the same time, filled with stomping tempos and  intense guitar solos. The album was produced and mixed by Chris Trestain (Let It Die) and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Having already played shows with Trash Talk, Speed, Mindforce, Never Ending Game and Racetraitor, the band has grown to be one of the Midwest’s must-watch acts.

Beyond Repair is available for preorder through Heroes and Martyrs.

Big Deal is Joe Plonkey – Vocals, Jimmy Plonkey – Guitar, Wade Panizolli – Guitar, Tristen Riley – Bass, and Jake Friedrick – Drums.

Beyond Repair Tracklist:

1. Upper Hand

2. “Thank You” (feat. Strangle You)

3. Raw Deal

4. Break You Out

5. Living Proof (feat. Bitter Truth)

6. Walk Of Life

7. Fade To Black

Upcoming Shows:

Feb. 24th – Abracadabra Fest, Detriot, MI w/Strange Magic, Bad Beat