Th​ö​rne – Portuguese Blackened Sludge Collective Reveal “Those Golden Rules”

Portuguese Blackened Sludge Collective Reveal “Those Golden Rules” Video 

At the start of the year, Portuguese blackened sludge hardcore band Thörne released a new three-track EP titled “Those Golden Rules” as digital download, and now the newly formed label Black Lava Records will give fans the chance to get a hard copy of the EP by releasing it on cassette.

The follow-up to the band’s 2019 debut EP “Octagon” sees Thörne offering a caustic, furious and dark blackened hardcore with some sludge elements over the course of 9 minutes with the band exploring a lyrical theme that revolves around the untold truths of one’s past. The trauma caused by reckless parenting, the toll it carves in one’s behaviour and social capabilities and the resulting depression during adulthood.

A video of a  band performing all three tracks that appeared on the new single is now playing at No Clean Singing, who commented “There’s fury in those sounds, but even more fury in the raw, ragged, and wrenching vocals. Waves of unearthly melody flow above the demolition work, like heaving seas of searing agony, and provide a chilling contrast to the song’s pile-driving grooves.”

Watch “Those Golden Rules” live session here.

THÖRNE is a blackened hardcore band originating from the depths of Viana Do Castelo’s underground scene in Portugal, comprised of current and former members of  Indignu, Mother Abyss and Malaboos among others, and “Those Golden Rules” was recorded and mixed at Adrift Studio (Viana do Castelo, Portugal) by André Gonçalves, and it was mastered at Prenc Audio (Melbourne, Australia) by Lance Prenc. The cover artwork photo was created by Andrea Cunha. Order link: