The Maine Release Highly Anticipated Self-Titled Album, Celebrating A Once In A Century Moment Via 8123 Community on 8/1/23

The Maine Release Highly Anticipated Self-Titled Album, Celebrating A Once In A Century Moment for 8123 Community on 8/1/23

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Photo credit: Guadalupe Bustos

After building up to the album release through teasing cryptic posts across social media, following the evolution of the band through highlights and throwbacks from each previous album’s era, The Maine’s new album The Maine (self-titled) is available today, August 1st 2023, via 8123 and Photo Finish Records. For the first time in seven years, the band returned to producer Colby Wedgeworth (Lovely Little Lonely and American Candy), who the band describes as practically their sixth member.

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Since announcing the album in early June, The Maine has released two songs, “blame” and “how to exit a room,” with accompanying music videos ahead of the release. To coincide with the album release, The Maine released the third video in the self-titled video series, for “dose no. 2” today.

As part of a heartfelt letter to the fans on Instagram, The Maine shares “We poured everything we have into this album, and it’s self-titled because, in many ways, it represents who we are as a band. Each track is a piece of collective soul, an expression of our growth, struggles and triumphs over the years.”

The album’s release date can also be written as 8.1.23. The significance of the date is a once in a lifetime alignment of numbers that hold a lot of meaning to the band. Originally, 8123 were the numbers on a parking garage where the band members and childhood friends would hangout growing up. Fast forward to today, and 8123 has been used in their song lyrics, is the title of their own music festival held in their desert hometown biennially, can be seen inked onto many of their fans, is the title of their own record label and also serves as the fanbase’s nickname – the 8123 Family.

The Maine is celebrating the album’s release day with their fans in Denver for 8123 Day where they will headline the Fillmore Auditorium with support from former tourmates Real Friends and Knuckle Puck. Fans can also virtually be a part of 8123 Day, which will live stream on YouTube. The Maine will also be hosting a free signing at Zia Records in Tempe, Arizona on August 7th.

The Maine album artwork


1. dose no. 2

2. how to exit a room

3. blame

4. leave in five

5. the mood i’m in / jsyk

6. i think about you all the time

7. thoughts i have while lying in bed

8. funny how?

9. cars & caution signs

10. spiraling

The band just wrapped up their summer tour as part of the Sad Summer Festival alongside Taking Back Sunday, PVRIS and more, which kicked off July 6th in Jacksonville, Florida.

Remaining festival dates can be found below:

8/1 – Denver, CO – 8123 Day

8/12 – Washington, PA – Four Chord Music Festival

8/19 – Eau Claire, WI – Reverb Music Festival

8/25 – São Paulo, Brazil – VIP Station

8/26 – São Paulo, Brazil – VIP Station

9/30 – Austin, TX (free show)


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