The Holy Ghost signs with Lövely Records

The Holy Ghost signs with Lövely Records

Launch first single ”Brownshirt Trojan” from new album ‘Ignore Alien Orders’

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Lövely Records are proud to announce that The Holy Ghost has joined the label for the release of their upcoming album ”Ignore Alien Orders”. Formed in the early ‘10s, The Holy Ghost is a punk indie rock band from Stockholm, Sweden with its roots in the Swedish hardcore /punk scene. The group‘s members have been active in the underground music scene since the late 80‘s, playing in bands like Ashram, Entombed, Trapdoor Fucking Exit to name just a few. Some of them also play in current bands like Haystack, Disfear and Eye Make The Horizon. The Holy Ghost consists of four music fanatics who appreciate all sorts of music, and the band lets all of it seep into its sound. However, to define them more closely, one might mention bands like Hüsker Dü, Dinosaur Jr, The Replacements and Rites Of Spring as major influences. They carry on a post-hardcore tradition musically, including having something to say lyrically.

The Holy Ghost will release their new album ”Ignore Alien Orders” during the autumn of 2023, and the first single from the album, ”Brownshirt Trojan”, is available on all streaming platforms from the 19th of May, 2023. Jens Åker from the band comments on the new single:

BROWNSHIRT TROJAN An anti-racist fight song, more specifically about how tired and angry I get from Sverigedemokraterna (a right wing, nationalist political party active in the Swedish parlament) getting so much power. It is about the normalization that has taken place, and how they constantly try to shuffle the cards and appear to be clean when in fact they are a bunch of tie-breakers. Let’s call them what they are: if he speaks, makes decisions and tweets like a racist, he is simply a racist. The music, despite the angry lyrics, is quite uplifting and peppy, and this is on purpose.

The Holy Ghost are:

Thomas Hedblom – Bass
Uffe Cederlund – Guitar
Jens Åker – Guitar, Vocals
Niklas Korssell – Drums

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