The Dead Daisies // The Graham Bonnet Band // Live Review // The Limelight 1 // Belfast

So it’s Sunday the 11th of December and it is Baltic outside! I have just got off a plane from Florida leaving behind me 28-degree heat and this just ain’t good enough! Thankfully, to help me overcome this abomination, I am in the company of some of the finest rockers on this side of the pond, The Graham Bonnet Band and the one, the only The Dead Daisies are in the house tonight to warm me right back up! 

These two bands comprise some of my absolute favourite musicians with Graham Bonnet providing the musical soundtrack to my youth as a huge Yngwie Malmsteen fan, so via the live recording and studio albums that Malmsteen appeared on for Alcatrazz, every time I catch Graham Bonnet live I am transported right back into my old bedroom as a teenager trying to learn those Malmsteen licks and failing miserably. Tonight Graham’s set is a little more varied than his older sets as he moves more for the classic Rainbow hits and newer music with some Alcatrazz nostalgia thrown in for good measure but somehow an advertised “Acoustic Set” did not appear and instead we have a full band knocking out those classics to everyone’s approval here in The Limelight, Belfast. 

Still as youthful as ever Graham knocks it outbid the park, his band always deliver live so you know you’re always going to have the best of times at a GBB performance. Blistering guitar work and a killer backline make for a killer show, the crowd’s approval is shown at the end of every song and the roar as the set comes to a close reminds us all of the huge roles Bonnet has played as an influence on so many and how loved he still is today now in his mid 70’s it is truly remarkable, nevermind we get the opportunity to still enjoy this fabulous man and his music live today. Bravo, Bellissimo!



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Graham Bonnet – vocals
Conrado Pesinato – guitars
Beth-Ami Heavenstone – bass





Tonight’s main activities are a group of stellar musicians who have all played in bands at the very top of their game, Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple, Black Country Communion and of course The Glenn Hughes Band, Doug Aldrich whom I chatted to about a month ago (Here) about this very tour who has slayed it with bands such as Dio and Whitesnake. A killer guitar player who owns the stage live and of course David Lowry also ripping it up on guitar and Brian Tichy on drums.

Once the guys hit the stage all bets are off, the level of musicianship here is just mind-blowing, Hughes commands the centre of the stage as Aldrich weaves his magic on his collection of Les Pauls and the rock-solid backline of Tichy and Lowry delivers a behemoth sound that shakes the foundations of the limelight to its core. Their latest offering Radiance is a sublime album and the title track live hits you like a sledgehammer to the chest, one of the gnarliest riffs on the album and glorious in the flesh. Doug and Glenn deliver this monstrous sound that just reverberates around the room driving the Belfast audience over the edge. 

The guys constantly make time for their fans down below acknowledging the love from below as they deliver a highly polished yet raw-sounding set the only way they know how 110% every time.  I have to say this is one of the tougher sets I’ve had to shoot in a while, these cats just don’t stop moving and there are more togs in the pit this evening than we usually have which tells you a lot about the demand and popularity of The Dead Daisies in 2022. With Glenn Hughes taking over from John Corabi there’s a different vibe and the chemistry between Glenn and Doug is a beautiful thing to enjoy life, the riffs are endless and Glenn’s wailing vocals lead into Doug’s solo work adds a new dimension to the sonic tapestry these guys weave together on stage. The songs come thick and fast as the boys work their magic delivering one of the best rock nights the Limelight has experienced this year. Christmas has indeed came early to Belfast as the crowd gobbles up every track, Doug pulling all his best stanky guitar faces plays the role of overqualified bonafide rockstar at every turn, he absolutely nailed it tonight with stunning solo’s and a killer tone that just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside everytime he lets it rip! Glenn’s vocals as always are a thing of beauty, a self-described “Vocal athlete” Glenn just has to be seen live to be understood and appreciated and both Lowry and Tichy do the grunt-work to allow both the two musical divas to work their magic and take it all over the edge to epic proportions. 


A thing of beauty for sure, watching a band of this quality do what they do so effortlessly, passionately, this is exactly what we all need in the world right now, brotherly love and a soundtrack to our lives to help us through the darkest of times. If you have yet to check out the new album Radiance check out our review here and get it on your playlists now! You wont regret it.


There are still 2 UK dates left – ticket info below:

13  Edinburgh/ O2 Academy
15  Bristol/ SWX

Get tickets here:  


The Dead Daisies are:

Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) – bass, vocals
Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio) – guitars
Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Foreigner)  – drums
David Lowy (Red Phoenix, Mink) – guitars



We decided to go OLD-SCHOOL with some B&W photography #yeahbaby

Photos & Review by Mark @ Rock ‘N’ Load