The Book of Revelations Release their 7-track album ‘The Plumes of Enceladus’ on Conquest Music

The Book of Revelations Release their 7-track album ‘The Plumes of Enceladus’ on Conquest Music

The Book of Revelations, today release their brand-new, 7-track debut album ‘The Plumes of Enceladus’ on the Conquest Music label.

The album has attracted interest across the globe, following as it does in the wake of their acclaimed digital 4-track EP release ‘The Prologue’, which tasted like fresh manna from heaven to lovers of 1970s’ Progressive Rock.

Many listeners believed that The Book of Revelations was actually an undiscovered band from the golden era of prog, as the recordings have vintage analogue charm whilst the songwriting harks back to earlier, imaginative lyricism, unlike the fare of today. This beautifully recorded, mixed and mastered CD will thus blend in seamlessly with your Genesis and Yes album collection.

The Book of Revelations is the musical vehicle for the prolific multi-instrumentalist, wordsmith and composer, Gerard Freeman. The prog rock project fuses rock, orchestral and folk music with witty lyricism and poetry. In the band’s work, you’ll find ludicrous time signatures and complex rhythms accompanying orchestral and acoustic layers. These underpin and create amazing feeling and magic that weaves with lyrics that pirouette gracefully between references to Classical Mythology and 21st Century modernity.

Unquestionably, The Book of Revelations owe a debt of gratitude to some of the greatest proponents of progressive rock: Genesis (particularly the legendary Peter Gabriel-led incarnation of the group). Genesis’s sound was so wonderfully complex, beautiful, intense, interesting and diverse. By osmosis, it has entered and shaped the musical DNA of The Book of Revelations, who continue the tradition and take it forward with original work.

Gerard Freeman explains, “At a very tender age, I heard ‘The Return of the Giant Hogweed’ emanating from my brother’s bedroom and it sparked an interest in early Genesis and Prog Rock in general that has persisted over the years.

“Steeped as I was, at the time, in MOR pop music (the staple diet of TOTP, back in the day), I might have naively said at the time ‘But the words don’t rhyme!’ but something changed and I found myself being drawn to the weird and wonderful sonic worlds created by the likes of Genesis, Curved Air, Gentle Giant, Yes, and King Crimson — to name just a few of the bands whose images adorned the walls of my brother’s bedroom.”


Drawing on such fertile roots and influences, The Book of Revelations have crafted fresh, new work of complexity, humour and rich texture that they are proud to describe as Prog Rock.

Live Shows

This year, The Book of Revelations has made several appearances at clubs and on festival stages around the country, including the recent HRH Prog 13 Festival, where they masterfully performed ‘The Plumes of Enceladus’ in its entirety to a discerning and appreciative audience of prog fans who have for so long been starved of legitimate Seventies’-inspired progressive rock music.

More live shows are planned throughout the summer and an appearance at the next HRH Prog Festival which will take place in Great Yarmouth this November has just been confirmed.

Glenn Williams (UPP Tone, Japan) called The Book of Revelations’ work,“The best album the Gabriel era Genesis never made!” Meanwhile, Olav M Bjornsen (Progressor Webzine) praised “A production to seek out by those who enjoy the slightly softer side of 1970’s Genesis and music of a similar nature.”

Adrian Bell (Brooklands Radio Prog Show) reflected that “The, The Prologue EP (released in Spring 2022), could very well become my favourite release of the year because, yes, I really do like it that much. It is reminiscent of Genesis and of that explosion of Prog Rock from the early 1970s. I will be playing more in the future.”

If you’re a fan of classic Seventies prog rock (particularly Peter Gabriel-flavoured Genesis) seeking new talent and fresh material, The Book of Revelations’s  7-track debut album ‘The Plumes of Enceladus’ will be right up your streetOut now on the Conquest Music label.



(a cautionary tale in five parts)

Part (i) The Hypocratic Oaf

(including The Thoughtful Brothers, Promo and Epimo)

Part (ii) Survival of the Wittest

Part (iii) Revenge is Sweet, so Slayeth the Lord

(including Nox Otium and Dies Cruciamentum)

Part (iv) P and/or A (perceived as Eve)


Part (v) Post Box

(including Five Easy Lessons)



(who eventually become The Good Guys, The EUMENIDES)

Part (i) The Tri-Cycle of Life

(including Families, Whod Have Em?)


Part (ii) The Chthonic Deities

(including The Genesis of Nemesis)

Part (iii) The Furies at Work

(including Incest, A Game for all The Family)


Part (iv) All is Avenged

(including You men, IDs, Please?)


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