The Best Independent Music Venues In Europe

The Best Independent Music Venues In Europe


Independent music venues are things that should be protected at all costs. They’re very much part of the rich tapestry of music, and you will often find that the bands that make it have played in many before hitting the big time. Europe plays home to many independent music venues, and the ones below are worth checking out.

Brixton Jamm

We have to start with a UK venue because independent music venues are very important there. Brixton Jamm is the pick because you will hear every type of music played at some point, from chilled-out acoustic vibes to drum and bass. There are also jam sessions that take place and comedy events. The venue’s location is great too because it’s London, after all. So, after a night at Brixton Jamm, people can head on to bars, clubs or even casinos. But, because late-night after parties are a thing at the venue, staying put and perhaps enjoying the latest online casino slots  or your favourite video games might make more sense.


We go from the UK to Vienna, Austria, with Flex, the next independent music venue worthy of a mention. Sometimes, location is everything, and Flex being located in an old, disused tunnel on the Danube makes it iconic for that reason alone. But, what also stands out about Flex, which is something they should be flexing about, is the sound quality. There are subs and speakers aplenty that are spread across a couple of rooms. And when we say you can feel the music, you certainly can because the kick drum will quite literally leave you bruised but in a good way.


Poland, like many countries in Europe, and Warsaw, like many cities, loves its music, and several independent venues are dotted around both. Chmury is undoubtedly one of the most popular, and it can be found on Warsaw’s so-called Left Bank, and it’s popular with people aged thirty-five and under. When you visit an independent music venue, you want it to be built around local culture, and that’s precisely what you get at Chmury, where Eastern European vibes come to the fore in abundance. And what could be more fitting than cheap beer and sweaty gigs in the dark? Chmury is also located close to other clubs in what could be seen as a musical super hub.

Metelkova Mesto

For well-travelled independent music venue visitors, we may well have saved the best ‘til last with Slovenia’s Metelkova Mesto. Located in Ljubljana, this place is a 19th-century army barracks that has been converted into more of a music hub, as there are multiple venues all in the one space. Believe it or not, this complex wouldn’t be what it is today if squatters hadn’t taken over back in 1993, and since then, every genre of music imaginable has been played there, with the MENT Festival a huge attraction. Huge names in the indie scene also regularly play at Metelkova Mesto, with music lovers travelling to Slovenia regularly.