TERMINAL : ‘Godfire’ – new video for song from debut album by industrial/glam hybrid out now


new video

from the debut album
out now
[Metropolis Records]

Industrial/glam-rock hybrid Terminal have just issued a video for ‘Godfire’, a song from their debut album ‘Blacken The Skies’, which was released via Metropolis Records in 2021. Showcasing the heavier, almost metallic side of the group’s sound, the track would sit well on playlists featuring the likes of Rammstein, Rob Zombie or Null Positiv, while Terminal frontman Thomas Mark Anthony has previously cited Killing Joke’s Geordie Walker as an influence on his own guitar playing.

‘Godfire’ is presented in trademark Terminal style with frantic visuals and confrontational lyrics, with words such as “Seethe in razor wire / as your palace is your pyre” a ‘j’accuse’ pointed at those bad actors who have taken the Ukrainian invasion as an opportunity to commit their own misdeeds while the world’s attention is elsewhere.

For Anthony, who was born in South Africa but raised in Canada, anti-apartheid issues remain tragically timely. The video for ‘Godfire’ is dedicated to Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who was recently killed by Israel’s defence forces while documenting their brutality in the West Bank. “Apartheid is unsustainable,” he states. “It will fall. We’ve seen it. But the longer it goes on, and the worse its atrocities, the harder it will be to have reconciliation instead of violent retribution.”

images from video for GODFIRE


Terminal is the soundtrack to a world unbalanced, a society spinning out of control and running out of time. A volatile alloy of industrial music and glam rock, with trace quantities of dark techno, synthpop and raw machine recordings, each Terminal anthem is a broadside against the atrocities of our lost humanity. Hard-hitting lyrics address the immorality of authoritarian regimes, the devastation of our planet, along with our spiral into a dark dystopian future. The group’s manifesto debut album, ‘Blacken The Skies’, contains twelve harrowing tracks that hold an unflinching mirror up to a world falling out of balance.

Terminal is the work of singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Mark Anthony, who is also a lifelong anti-apartheid and civil rights activist. When asked to name his main musical influences, his first answers are T.Rex and Cabaret Voltaire. Merging disparate genres for ‘Blacken The Skies’ required experimental surgery of sinister vocals, circuit-bent machinery and ragged guitars, resulting in a seemingly contradictory but highly satisfying industrial/glam-rock fusion of barbed-hook songwriting and relentless electronics. Sing-along choruses packed with glam rock’s internal and external rhymes serve as warning flares from a world in freefall. Sparse chiming guitar notes ring out over a dense wall of dissonant synths and mechanical rhythms.

Terminal are planning a return to live performance in the late summer of 2022 (N. America) before heading to Europe in the autumn. Further details will follow soon.