TEMIC Release Acoustic Version of “Falling Away”

Hit A Fresh High on Live Acoustic Version of Falling Away
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TEMIC- “Falling Away (Live Acoustic)” (Official Audio) 2023
TEMIC arrived on the scene fully formed. The Prog Report nominated their debut album for best song, video and album of 2023. Of course, the runaway success of Terror Management Theory wasn’t too terribly surprising. After all, these guys joined forces after playing with Devin Townsend, Neal Morse and Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress.

Even when pared down, this band is still a supergroup. Watch Fredrik Klemp and Eric Gillette flex their tender muscles on this live acoustic version of Falling Away.

Watch the video for “Falling Away (Live Acoustic)”https://youtu.be/4BZlGmVtXcw

This video was directed and produced by TEMIC‘s drummer Simen Sandnes. It was recorded live at Stora Teatern in Gothenburg, Sweden. The theater is just a floor up from the studio where Sandnes recorded the drums on Terror Management Theory.

Stream: https://temic.fanlink.to/FallingAwayAcoustic

Terror Management Theory is riddled with power-prog anthems, though none soar higher than “Falling Away”. The studio recording jumps out of your speakers with booming drum fills and chugging riffs. But while dialed down to little more than brittle, acoustic plucking, this live acoustic version is no less powerful. “I will give in to the eternal night”, Klemp sings, as if preparing to float off and join the great gig in the sky. The way his falsetto lightly shatters against Gillette’s gentle harmonies, it’s like the two are orbiting one another, the way only true superstars can.

“‘Falling Away’ is one of our favorite tracks from our debut album” says TEMIC,  “not only due to the musical elements present on the album version but because of its lyrics and vocal melodies.  That is why Eric and Fredrik decided to grace us with this heartfelt, stripped-down acoustic version that focuses the spotlight on these core elements. Enjoy!”

Terror Management Theory is out now!

Order: https://redirect.season-of-mist.com/Temic

TEMIC broke into the world of prog music with a bang last year. Terror Management Theory topped the charts in the Netherlands and reached #15 on iTunes Worldwide Metal chart.

Now, prog’s new supergroup is rolling that breakout momentum under the bright lights of the Midwinter Prog Festival. Don’t miss the chance to see them next Saturday, when they’ll perform for the very first time!


Track list:
1. TMT (2:02)
2. Through the Sands of Time (7:00) [WATCH VIDEO]
3. Falling Away (4:58) [WATCH VIDEO]
4. Count Your Losses (6:13) [WATCH VIDEO]
5. Skeletons (7:00)
6. Acts of Violence (5:52) [WATCH VIDEO]
7. Friendly Fire (5:57)
8. Paradigm (6:33)
9. Once More (5:45)
10. Mothallah (7:27) [WATCH VIDEO]
Total: 58:54

Style: Progressive metal
FFO: Dream Theater, Leprous, Devin Townsend, Tesseract, Periphery

Diego Tejeida and Eric Gillette first got the idea for TEMIC when they were touring members of Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress. Here are just some of the nice things that their fellow road dog had to say about Terror Management Theory.

“Musically, it falls somewhere between Leprous, Sleep Token, Haken, Dream Theater & Pain of Salvation…amazing stuff, insane playing, check it out if you haven’t already!”

Their vision for TEMIC wasn’t exactly simple: synthesize their love for high-energy electronica and flashy riffs into a killer prog-metal hybrid. But after recruiting former soccer prodigy-turned-Zildjian-endorsed drummer Simen Sandnes (SHINING, Arkentype) to go along with the high-powered falsetto of Fredrik Klemp (Maraton), together, the supergroup managed to connect all those puzzle pieces on their very first album.

Terror Management Theory is perfect for busting out the air guitar. But now fans can also hit all the album’s high notes by downloading the song stems on Bandcamp. With these stems, budding musicians can learn the guitar, bass, drum and keyboard parts for all 10 songs. They can also be used by producers to remix prog anthems like “Count Your Losses” into thumping club bangers or a stripped-down yet soaring ballad.

More praise for TEMIC and Terror Management Theory:

“As the progressive metal scene witnesses a surge of new talent, this [album] places TEMIC in the discussion of the top new band releases of 2023”, – The Prog Report.

“Bursting with ideas and extraordinary individual performances, it sounds like the work of a living, breathing band” – Blabbermouth

“…technical without being suffocating…For anyone already invested in the genre, there is nothing here to not like” – Sonic Perspectives

“…a lavish progressive metal debut that stands out sharply in the crowd” – Distorted Sound

Download stems: https://temic.bandcamp.com/album/tmt-stems

TEMIC – ‘Terror Management Theory’ (Official Album Stream) 2023
Listen to their curated playlist
TEMIC came together from across the globe, but they also share a wide variety of influences.

Check out the playlist that the prog supergroup update each month on Spotify. The latest edition features Meshuggah, Daft Punk, Car Bomb and the Rocky soundtrack.


Introducing TEMIC—prog’s newest, most ambitious, and most adrenaline-fueled act. TEMIC melds the creative minds of keyboardist and sound designer Diego Tejeida (Devin Townsend, Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress, ex-Haken), guitarist Eric Gillette (The Neal Morse Band, Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress), drummer Simen Sandnes (SHINING, Arkentype), and vocalist Fredrik Klemp (Maraton, 22).

The origins of TEMIC date back to 2017, when Tejeida and Gillette toured the world as band members of Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress. From the very first chords they exchanged, their musical chemistry both on and off stage was undeniable, leading them to discuss the prospect of starting a new band together. Unfortunately, conflicting tour and recording commitments forced them to turn their attention elsewhere for years—that is, until the world came to a standstill in 2020, and Tejeida called Gillette to ask a fateful question:
“Remember how we said we should make music together? Well, how about now?”

Thus, the first demos for what would later become TEMIC’s 2023 debut album, Terror Management Theory, began to emerge. Within a few weeks after that initial phone call, the musical vision of TEMIC had become clear: Let’s create progressive music that is heavily influenced by high-energy electronic music, but arranged and orchestrated for a 5-piece modern prog rock/metal band—where, at last, the pulse can be the focus, and the vocal melody can be king.

Eager to join forces with the very best bandmates, Tejeida and Gillette first summoned the rhythmic power of their friend and drummer Sandnes. With characteristic enthusiasm, Sandnes seized the opportunity, prepared to contribute his percussive prowess as the heartbeat of TEMIC. When it came time to find the singer that would carry TEMIC’s melodies to new heights, Sandnes recommended vocal powerhouse Klemp, whose emotive delivery and unmatched intensity left no doubt that he was destined to be the voice of TEMIC. Finally, to round out the rhythm section of Terror Management Theory, dynamic bassist Jacob Umansky (Intervals) was invited on board as a guest player, gracing the album with an unrivaled groove and a signature low-end sound.

Together, this mammoth lineup is TEMIC, a high-energy, electronic-inspired, modern melodic prog metal band for the next generation.

Fredrik Klemp (Maraton, 22) – Vocals
Eric Gillette (The Neal Morse Band, Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress) – Guitars and Backing Vocals
Simen Sandnes (Shining, Arkentype)  – Drums and Percussion
Diego Tejeida (Devin Townsend, Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress, ex-Haken) – Keyboards and Sound Design

Recording Studio: Drums and vocals recorded at Top Floor Studios (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Producer: Produced by TEMIC. Drums and vocals engineered by Jakob Herrmann Gothenburg, Sweden)
Mix/Mastering: Mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser at The Mouse House (Los Angeles, USA)

Guest musicians:
Jacob Umansky (USA) – Bass guitar on the whole album
Mosaic Gospel Choir (Norway) – Mothallah
Garden State Threshold Choir (USA) – Mothallah

Cover artwork: Hicham Hamzi

Order: https://redirect.season-of-mist.com/Temic
Stream: https://orcd.co/tmtpresave

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