TELLTALE Release new single+video ‘EDDY’




Four-piece TELLTALE from Richmond, Virginia have released brand new single EDDY’,’ today via European label Rude Records.

Speaking about the new single the band said: “I’m a huge fan of callbacks, and this one is riddled with them. It has references to quite a few of our more popular songs. Rose and Lie Your Way Out are easy to notice, but a few others are tucked in there as well. 

The song and video are also packed with multiple Poe references, with the whole video serving as a loose modern retelling of the “The Tell-Tale Heart.” We wanted both the music and imagery to be self-referential in a way that was fun for people.

We had a really great team behind this production. From the lighting to the special FX makeup, it all just came together with this dark campiness that’s come to define our band.”

Watch the video for ‘EDDY’ HERE or by clicking the image below.


Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Telltale is a dynamic quartet known for their emotive lyrics, infectious melodies, and an unwavering commitment to sharing the stories that shape their lives.

The band has released a string of EPs over their career— Good Intentions (2017), Timeless Youth (2019), and Lie Your Way Out (2022)— utilizing those songs to master their craft and hone into their sound. Fan favorite “Rose”, from Timeless Youth, has amassed almost 8 million listens on Spotify while Lie Your Way Out’s “Slowburn” sparked conversation about climate change and the abundance of wildfires.

With the release of “Otherside” in December, Telltale teased the next era of their music which takes a step forward into dealing with reality in a yearningly powerful way. It’s an all encompassing single that proves the band has grown in sound and style exponentially and should get listeners excited for what is to come. The music video, directed by Chase Warren, is an immersive dive into the complexities of chasing an unknown side of reality and gives an extra dimension to the song’s meaning. “Otherside” has been added to editorial playlists such as Spotify’s “All New Rock” and has garnered thousands of listens.

The band followed up “Otherside” with the single “Cardinals”. Which the band said is about the full circle journey they mentally have during a tour and just like when writing the song, they always end up right back where we started, home. The single was supported by Dan P Carter on BBC Radio 1 Rock Show and also included in All New Punk, The Scene, Pop Punk’s Not Dead, adrenaline on Spotify and New in Rock on Apple Music.

Telltale’s live performances have helped cultivate a continuously exciting and personable experience as they have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with other standout bands in the scene such as Holding Absence, Knuckle Puck, and Trash Boat. 2023 has been quite the year for touring as they coheadlined a full U.S. tour with label-mates Sundressed and supported The Home Team on select dates of their spring tour. The band also made a trip abroad with a UK tour and an appearance at 2000 Trees, an independent rock festival.

Through their music, Telltale invites you to join them on a journey through the highs and lows of life, where every song is a page turned in the book of their collective experiences.

John Carteret (vocals), Tim Fogg (bass), Bryce Marshall (guitar), Travis Slack (drums)