Teen Viral Star Havanna Winter Brings ‘The Lost Boys’ Vibes In New Music Video For Debut Single ‘rain rain go away’

Teen Viral Star Havanna Winter Brings ‘The Lost Boys’ Vibes In New Music Video For Debut Single

“rain rain go away”

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Watch the ‘rain rain go away’ video here: https://youtu.be/YZ8HrUxlbNA

Stream ‘rain rain go away” here: https://orcd.co/rain-rain-go-away.

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16 year old viral teen sensation Havanna Winter, is a musical artist, actress, and influencer. In 2020 she gained worldwide attention after going viral on TikTok and currently has a fanbase of over 6 million followers across her social media platforms.

Havanna was born in Oslo, Norway, but spent her childhood summers in Spain. With Spanish summers and Viking winters running through her veins, she made the transatlantic move to Los Angeles, California at the age of 9.

With a burgeoning music career on the horizon, Havanna has signed with Stevie Van Zandt’s new imprint Wonderwall Records.

Van Zandt says “Wonderwall Records is our new imprint that focuses more on the Pop side of things and we’re looking forward to Havanna being the first release.”

The plan is to release 3 singles this year with an album to come next year, all guided by Executive Producer Maya K (Bebe Rexha, Anita, J Balvin).

Maya K says, “I am very excited to work with such a talented artist like Havanna. It’s really inspiring to be able to work with an artist who has such a clear vision of who she is and what she wants.”

A video for the first single “rain rain go away” written by Rhyan Besco (Prettymuch, Shaylen) and co-produced by Truls Dyrseth and William Van Zandt, is now streaming at: https://youtu.be/YZ8HrUxlbNA.

Of the video, Winter says, “We went for a The Lost Boys vibe. It’s one of my favorite movies and biggest sources of inspiration, so the fact that it looks a bit raw only adds to the eighties vibe we were going for!”

The clip was produced by the music video’s cinematographer Michael Donovan and creative director Anette Winter, with editing by Alexander Zarate from Scope.

Inspired by filmmakers Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and Tim Burton, as well as films like “The Lost Boys” “Pulp Fiction” “Dazed and Confused,” Havanna’s musical vision is to creatively deliver a cinematic experience and sound with every song release. Cultivating elements of her retro interests has allowed Havanna to bring new life to them in the digital world.


TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@havannawinter (3.2 million followers)

Insta: www.instagram.com/havannawinter (1.4 million followers)

FB: www.facebook.com/havannawinter (398k followers)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HavannaWinter (19.6k followers)

Youtube (34.2k subscribrs)

Triller https://triller.co/@havannawinter (1.3 million followers)

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