Symphonic Syndicate SERENITY Announce New Live Release MEMORIA, out 09.12.2022 via Napalm Records


Symphonic Syndicate SERENITY Announce New Live Release, MEMORIA, Out December 9, 2022 I Pre-Order Here!

First Single “Legacy Of Tudors” + Video Out Now! I Watch Here!

[Photo Credit: Thomas Buchberger]

Behold and join SERENITY on their path of forgotten memories and experience the sands of time with their new live album MEMORIA, out December 9, 2022 via Napalm Records! The assembly unites beyond death and legacy, sharing long forgotten stories of ancient kings, queens, and mythical legends. Looking back at their own band history and legacy of 20 years, SERENITY invites the listener on a metal journey through history. So, immerse yourself in a land before our time with the new live recording of MEMORIA on DVD and BluRay!

With their new single “Legacy of the Tudors”, SERENITY rewrites history by mixing epic chants with heavy riffs. SERENITY unites the best of both worlds into a unique sonic experience beyond compare. With the humble support of none other than honorable Vision of Atlantis vocalist Clémentine Delauney, “Legacy of The Tudors” becomes an unforgettable part of symphonic metal history. To put it in their words: “When music plays its Melody” it’s time for SERENITY!

SERENITY on “Legacy of The Tudors”:
“We’re so excited to finally unveil the first single from our upcoming live album MEMORIA. This track is a very special one to us as it’s taken from the album War of Ages which will have it’s tenth anniversary next year. During that time Clémentine Delauney was a permanent member of SERENTIY and we feel very honoured that she returned to travel back in time to celebrate this special occasion and perform this track with us.”

Watch the video to “Legacy Of The Tudors” HERE!

Symphonic metal unit SERENITY offers a new approach to beguiling the senses with their live performance, MEMORIA, now on DVD and BluRay! Interpreting their illustrious songs anew in a conceptual show, they are sure to enchant listeners and viewers alike. Showcasing incredible hit density, the band embraces their symphonic power and provides a magical feeling throughout the entire performance. From classic folklore pieces like “Coldness Kills” that intrigues with its fairytale-like sound and classic instrumentals, to “Set The World On Fire” with catchy hooks and dashing soundscapes, SERENITY give it all in every single piece. In “Set the World on Fire” and “Broken Dreams”, the unit is joined on their journey by the smooth and magical voice of Marco Pastorino awakening old myths and legends anew. These dreamlike soundscapes are being supported with enchanting guitar riffs in “Velatum” and “Souls and Sins” by no other than Sacha Paeth, the producer of Avantasia. This way, the band not only showcases their incredible musical talent supported by talented vocalist Georg Neuhauser, but also their love and dedication for the art of music. Touching ballads like “Journey Ends” and “Fairytales” supported by the incredible vocal range of legendary Visions of Atlantis vocalist Clémentine Delauney forge reminiscence of earlier times, while moving duets like “Changing Fate” refer to multifaceted Scottish mythology. In “Spirit of the Flesh”, Nicklas Müller offers rhythmic support by adding steady drums. As a special bonus on MEMORIA, the band taps Sascha Paeth and Michele Guaitoli from symphonic metal greats Visions of Atlantis for their stage performance of “Souls and Sins” and “Legacy of the Tudors”.

“After a long time of waiting, we’re excited to finally release our first live album. We still think back to the evening when we performed this very special show at KulturQuartier in Kufstein and  we’re so proud we could bottle the unique atmosphere of this night and release it now under the title MEMORIA. Being able to perfom this concert in this terrific atmosphere of a theater with so many guests, was a was really a ‘once in a life time experience’ and we’re extremely happy to share it now with all of our fans.”

Pre-Oder your copy of MEMORIA NOW!
1. In Memoriam
2. United
3. Changing Times
4. Set the World on Fire
5. Broken Dreams
6. Changing Fate
7. Journey’s End
8. Velatum
9. Souls and Sins
10. Coldness Kills
11. Fairytales
12. Legacy of Tudors
13. Spirit in the Flesh
14. Engraved Within
15. In the Name of Scotland
16. LionheartMEMORIA will be available in the following formats:
BD/DVD Digipak (Upright Format) incl. 1xDVD, 1x BluRay, 2x CD
Digital Version
Georg Neuhauser – Vocals
Christian Hermsdörfer – Guitars/Mandolin/Vocals
Fabio D’Amore – Bass/Vocals
Andreas Schipflinger – Drums/VocalsSERENITY online: