Sylosis // Ronnie James Dio Stage // BOA22 // 13th August 22


Formed in Reading at the turn of the millennium, Sylosis swiftly stood apart from everything else that was happening in the British metal scene at that time. As the metalcore hordes began to dominate the mainstream, guitarist and chief songwriter Josh Middleton pursued a singular, defiant course, blending the machine-gun precision of thrash with the monstrous power of modern extremity and frequent flashes of progressive flair. Exploding into view with debut album ‘Conclusion Of An Age’ in 2008, Sylosis established itself as a major player in the UK scene with live shows that swiftly became notorious for their riotous, celebratory vibe. Ambitious, sprawling records that further set Middleton’s crew apart, both the epic ‘Edge Of The Earth’ (2011) and its grandiose follow-up ‘Monolith’ (2012) consolidated Middleton’s band’s reputation as irresistible mavericks: these were ambitious but reassuringly nails-hard metal records with bags of intelligence and soul, and an exhilarating alternative to the mainstream metal norm. Years of touring enabled Sylosis to refine its identity even further for 2015’s ‘Dormant Heart’, as Middleton explored new ideas within his band’s immaculate metallic squall and wrote some of his most devastating anthems to date.

As a result, the news that Sylosis were to embark on an indefinite hiatus early in 2016 came as a huge shock to fans and media alike. But four years on, normal service is due to resume, as he relaunches his band with stunning new album ‘Cycle Of Suffering’. Masters of enlightened, neck-wrecking turbo-thrash, Sylosis is returning to the barricades armed with its strongest album yet and a renewed sense of purpose. The fightback against the dying of the light starts here.


Up next, Sylosis seems ready to tear the stage up and put on an amazing show as they take to the stage. The crowd quickly draws in to watch these guys as the first notes are played by the band. There’s a sense of excitement too as the band were due to play last year however had to regrettably drop out due to Covid. Sylosis seem to be putting their all into each and every track and performing to make up for this and the crowd are eating it up. Playing with incredible precision, it’s quite a wonder to see the speed that Middleton’s fingers move during those fast riffs. At the same time, watchingCarl Parnells hair fly round almost the whole way through the set, it’s amazing he can hit every note at the same time. All in all this was the show that fans had been waiting for and watching the massive pits open up, the crowd certainly seemed to have enjoyed the performance as much as I did.







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