SUNLINER announce self-titled debut album – Out 04/11 via Lockjaw Records

SUNLINER announce self-titled debut album

– Out 04/11 via Lockjaw Records –

Release new track ‘Salad Days’
with music video



Indie-punk newcomers SUNLINER have announced the release of their self-titled debut album, out 4th November via Lockjaw Records, and released new track ‘Salad Days’ with an accompanying skateboarding themed music video.

Vocalist Jake says of the new track, “During lockdown my sister was staying with us; we were talking about how when applying for jobs, or in this case Masters courses, the worst part of the rejection is the investment of the hope that you had. The job you were going for, as you apply for it, you see yourself getting. It’s completely unavoidable, you know you shouldn’t do that, but you can’t help yourself but think about how completely different and how much better your life will be if you do get this job, get this gig, get on this course… You start planning it in your head how you would spend the money, or how you would mould your life around it, ‘cos you’re gonna get it, right?”

He adds, “As always, Stephen King put this best in ‘Joyland’ (2013): ‘You think Okay, I get it, I’m prepared for the worst, but you hold out that small hope, see, and that’s what fucks you up. That’s what kills you.'”

The band’s debut album ‘Sunliner’, set for release on 4th November via Lockjaw Records, was produced by Andy Hawkins at The Nave in Leeds, mastered by Dave Draper, and powered by cups of tea. The 10 tracks on the album can be read as one person’s journey through life or lots of different people at different stages in their life.

Sunliner are an up and coming indie-punk-rock four-piece from Leeds who take inspiration from the likes of Hot Water Music, Against Me!, and Bruce Springsteen. The band have previously played shows across the UK with The Skints, Beans on Toast, and Red City Radio, and have more shows coming up (please see below).


1. Palliative Care
2. Jo, Joni, Mary & Maria
3. 4am
4. I Call Him Gamblore
5. Worry
6. Rats
7. Dialtones
8. Salad Days
9. Ache
10. What a Time to be Alive

21/07/22 – Flatertheek, Naaldwijk, NE
23/07/22 – KNRD Fest, Nürnberg, Germany
16/10/22 – Till The Fest 2, London
04/11/22 – The Crown, Bristol (with Burnt Tapes)
05/11/22 – The Ostrich, Peterborough (with Burnt Tapes)
06/11/22 – Redrum, Stafford (with Burnt Tapes)

Jake – Vocals, Guitar
Caffs – Bass, Vocals
Harry – Drums
Jonty – Guitar

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