Stömb – French Prog-Metal Experimentalists Reveal Video For “Meta Art” Ft Shining’s Jørgen Munkeby

Stömb – French Prog-Metal Experimentalists Reveal Video For “Meta Art” Ft Shining’s Jørgen Munkeby


Paris-based instrumental progressive metal experimentalists Stömb have just revealed a music video for a new track off their third full-length “Massive Disturbed Meta Art”, which is scheduled to be released on March 17th via Klonosphere/Season Of Mist.

The video for this new track titled “Meta Art” was directed by Tom Bonetto and the features Jørgen Munkeby (Shining NOR) on saxophone, and is now playing at Heavy Blog Is Heavy who commented “They sound very much like they did before, in the basic levels of the work, but way more articulate, dexterous, and adventurous. The contrast between heavy and light is handled extremely well, both sides of the track fleshed out, written, and performed to an equal degree.”

Watch “Meta Art” video here.

Recorded by the band, mixed by Léo Natale at Axone Studio, and mastered by Pierrick Noel at Atelier Mastering, “Massive Disturbed Meta Art” features guest appearances from various international artists such as Jørgen Munkeby (Shining NO/ Emperor)Laure Le Prunenec (exIgorrr/Rïcïnn/Corpo Mente)Léo Natale (The Dali Thundering Concept) and Quentin Godet (Ten56/Kadinja). 
Stronger and more confident than ever, Stömb return with an album based on the concept of a mystical and spiritual journey, broaching the use of psychotropic substances to reach through a trance-like state, a higher level of altered consciousness and thereby the transcendence of the human condition.  Pre-orders are now available here.

The album’s leading single “The Realm of Delirium” which features the vocals of Laure Le Prunenec (ex-Igorrr/Rïcïnn/Corpo Mente) is still playing at this location.

[Stömb] is a progressive and instrumental metal band formed in Paris in 2012, whose sound can be described as heavy, powerful, dark and poetic, always combining strong rhythms with ethereal atmospheres. Having released two eps, two full-length albums and having played at great events such as Euroblast and UK Tech Fest, the four-piece are now ready to offer their third album that will hopefully put them at the forefront of the progressive metal scene.

Line-Up :
Aurélien De Freitas  – Guitar
Tom Bonetto – Guitar
Alexandre Garachon – Bass
Tom Gadonna – Drums