State Of You release new single ‘Blood Party’ with music video

State Of You release new single ‘Blood Party’ with music video:

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From the band’s self-titled debut EP out 02 Sept
via Silent Cult Recordings:


Debut live performance announced at Boston Music Room
in London on 04 Nov:


“This is satisfyingly gruff hardcore” – Metal Hammer  

“State Of You prove they’ve got the lyrics to back their unabashed sound.”
– Highwire

UK rock’n’roll upstarts State Of You have released a final taster of their self-titled debut EP, which is set for release this Friday. “‘Blood Party’ came together very quickly and is a straight up party anthem,” says vocalist Steve Sitkowski. “It’s about wanting to get involved in life, to get hurt by it and to just accept the experience. I believe we only live once so now’s the time to listen to yourself and do whatever it is you want to do. Nick and I were working on the lyrics until 3AM on the day we recorded it. We were staying in a house we rented for the band and were both whisper-screaming lyrics to the instrumental demo playing when Max walked in. We both instantly apologised to him thinking we had woken him up but he just wanted some water. I thought we were in trouble at first, like two kids staying up late at a sleepover.” 

The music video, directed and edited by Aaran McKenzie, is a suitably bloody affair.

This new cut follows the release of State Of You’s massively entertaining music video for ‘The Perfect Storm’ where band members’ old lady alter egos embark upon a tea party with a difference. The song itself does explore a serious issue as Sitkowski explains it’s “about living with undiagnosed ADHD for most of my life and the destructive relationships I’ve been in because of that. I was constantly using drugs to get away from myself and being in a dark place most of the time – That feeling of not belonging, being incapable of functioning in the real world and not being able to figure out why.”

With a shared desire to write straight-up rock ‘n’ roll songs, with the purpose of expelling personal demons, and to provoke discussion around issues in the world today, State Of You have risen from the ashes of several much-loved underground UK bands including Outcry Collective, Polar and Hildamay. State Of You’s instant chemistry was apparent as soon as the five of them first convened in a practice space. The group only managed a handful of practices together before the pandemic hit. Instead of grinding to a halt, State Of You kept their momentum going by sending ideas to each other online and discussing them whilst simultaneously playing Call of Duty. Amassing a whopping 40 song ideas, inspired by such artists as Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats, The Bronx, Beartooth and Underoath, the band whittled them down to six complete tracks which they recorded with Oz Craggs of Feed The Rhino (once lockdowns had eased). This collection was to become State Of You’s self-titled debut EP and once UK label Silent Cult heard what the band were doing, they signed them immediately.

State Of You are looking forward to smashing the shit out of every stage they get on starting at Boston Music Room in London on 04 November.

1. Lies
2. Run
3. Blood Party
4. The Perfect Storm
5. The Colour Blue
6. Reckoning

Rick Keenan – Bass
Ollie Jeffs – Guitar
Max O’Neil – Guitar
Nick Jones – Drums
Steve Sitkowski – Vocals

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