Stain The Canvas Unveil Powerhouse New Track, “Stolen Youth”

Stain The Canvas Unveil Powerhouse New Track, “Stolen Youth” Featuring Famous Last Words and Outline In Color, Announce Album All Fine / eniF llA

Post-hardcore band, Stain The Canvas have shared their forceful new track “Stolen Youth” on September 9 via InVogue Records. The track features Lead Vocalists, Jeremy Tollas of Famous Last Words and Michael Skaggs of Outline In Color. The new song can be found on Stain The Canvas’ forthcoming record, All Fine / eniF llA due out November 18.

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“Stolen Youth” displays a compelling atmosphere draped in a angst-fueled melody. Guest vocals from Tollas and Skaggs supply a venomous edge making for an enraged song driven by chaos. Melodies erupt throughout making “Stolen Youth” an addictive track.


“”Stolen Youth” is a reflection of the time which passes unavoidably and on the psychological pressure it causes; the incessant feeling of days going by without having reached your goals yet is agonizing. This has been emphasized particularly by the Covid’s lockdown period which changed all of us, consciously or not. Time has been even more relentless when we used to feel completely powerless and inept facing something that has been stolen from us and that won’t ever come back: two years of life and, for some, youth.” Says The band about the new track.

All Fine / eniF llA will be available for pre-orders on September 9.

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About Stain The Canvas: Stain The Canvas formed in 2019 instantly taking the world by storm with their ferocious sound which immediately caught the attention of thousands of fans all over the globe.In 2020 the Milan-based band dropped their first album God Made Hell which has amassed over 2 Millionstreams/views worldwide in just over a year and landed on their first European Tour in 2021. Stain The Canvas music has been featured in several editorial playlists such as New Core, All New Metal, New Blood,The Others, Breaking Metal,Fresh Blood, Metalcore and Heavy New Rock. The band’s sophomore album is due out in 2022 via InVogue Records.

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