Spirit Leaves Joins Shares Powerful Single “Paradise In Ruin,” Announce Forthcoming EP, To My Detriment


Spirit Leaves Joins Shares Powerful Single “Paradise In Ruin,” Announce Forthcoming EP, To My Detriment

Hard-rock band, Spirit Leaves are sharing their electrifying new song “Paradise In Ruin” via InVogue Records on October 13. Alongside this single release comes the announcement of the band’s forthcoming EP, To My Detriment due Out November 10. “Paradise In Ruin” is the band’s follow-up release to their single “Pulling Teeth,” which was released with Spirit Leaves’ signing announcement.

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“Paradise In Ruin” creates a glowing atmosphere that lays nicely against rock-undertones. Vocals dance through in a graceful way while highlighted screams meld worlds of dreamy visuals and a merciless edge. Spirit Leaves continues to showcase their dynamics impressing their growing fanbase while drawing new listeners in.

“With our newest track ‘Paradise In Ruin’ we decided to dive back into the darker parts of what we’ve been writing both lyrically and musically on this EP. It’s essentially a talk with myself about my addictions/vices. Everything around me may feel good, but in reality, everything is falling apart. Killing me slowly but surely. Unsure of how I can even get out of it because it’s a never ending cycle of loneliness.” Says lead vocalist Brandon Waskiewicz about the new track.


“It’s finally happening! We are so excited to unveil our first EP To My Detriment coming out on November 10th. This band was essentially put together from hearing the demos to some of these songs. The journey it took to get here has been one of struggle, happenstance, and luck to say the least. Now, we get to finally lay that part of our story to rest and share it with you!” Says the band regarding the forthcoming EP. “From opening with the heaviest song to ending with what we call the prettiest one. It is a journey of self acceptance and discovery and we’re super excited for you guys to listen to To My Detriment in it’s entirety.”

Pre-orders for To My Detriment are now available.


About Spirit Leaves: Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Spirit Leaves skillfully blends the raw energy of hardcore with the intricate melodies of modern art. Their music resonates with fans of Turnstile, Knocked Loose, Bring Me The Horizon, and Dayseeker, offering a sonic journey that traverses the boundaries of emotion and sound. The band’s name itself reflects their dynamic approach, as they explore new horizons in their genre, continually evolving and adapting. Their live performances are a captivating spectacle, leaving an impact on audiences with their infectious energy and innovative sound. In the heart of Orlando’s music scene, Spirit Leaves stands as a beacon of innovation and authenticity. Their music goes beyond conventional definitions, embracing the tension between aggression and melody. Through their unique ethos, they invite listeners to join them on an exhilarating expedition into uncharted territories of music and art. With a reputation for devastating live shows and a sound that encapsulates the essence of hardcore’s wanderlust, Spirit Leaves promises an unforgettable experience that lingers long after the final chord fades.

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