Spectral Lore – Greek Atmospheric Black-Metal Act Announce New EP “11 Days”

Spectral Lore – Greek Atmospheric Black-Metal Act Announce New EP “11 Days”
Reveal Opening Song “Moloch” 

Two years on from the critically acclaimed “Ετερόφωτος” album, Greek multi-instrumentalist, and composer Ayloss is back with a new Spectral Lore release, a four-track EP titled “11 Days” that is set to be released on March 21st and will precede the new full-length and double album entitled “IV”, also due for release this year.

“Moloch”, the EP’s opening track is now playing at Invisible Oranges, who had this to say about the song “the opening song “Moloch,” starring a member of the Yovel collective on vocals, a weapons-grade Spectral Lore track that arms mastermind Ayloss’ musicianship with heretofore unseen levels of pommel-grasping grit and gnashing fervor that make plain and apparent the project’s gnosis.”

Listen to “Moloch” here.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Stellar Auditorium by Ayloss, 2022-2023, “11 Days” is comprised of four tracks, with two metal tracks interlaced with two electronic ambient tracks. Also, for the first time in a Spectral Lore album there are guest appearances of five musicians that were invited to aid on the electronic parts and on the vocal department, namely Nate Collins,Odile Aurora StrikA from Yovel,V. and K. from VOAK, and Aris “Sadistik” Thanasoulas.

Dubbed as an EP despite the 44-minutes length, “11 Days” is thematically based on the refugee sea route to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. This route has become one of the most dangerous in existence for refugees and has caused the loss of thousands of lives in the last ten years (25,954 between 2014 and 2022 according to the Missing Migrants Project, many of which as a direct result of the anti-immigration policies of the European Union and practices such as illegal push-backs, violence, intimidation and refusal or delay of rescue, which cause them to choose the most dangerous sea routes to avoid repression.

All proceeds from the digital edition and an important part of physical edition, planned for the coming months via I, Voidhanger and Throne Records will be donated to organizations and collectives that offer direct aid and rescue refugees in distress in the Mediterranean.