Spanish Rock’n’Roll Cowboys MIDNIGHT ROAD Sign With Wormholedeath




Spanish Rock’n’Roll band MIDNIGHT ROAD have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for their sophomore album “Ready for the Fight”, due for release on July, 15th 2022.

For the occasion of the forthcoming release of our second studio album, Ready for the Fight, it gives us great pleasure to announce our alliance with the record company WHD (WormHoleDeath). While counting the seconds left to see the release of our new project, we are working hard hand in hand with the Wormholedeath team to have everything ready and prepared for the large-scale release of the album and, thus, take our music to every corner of the globe we had not been able to reach before

The album contains 10 songs, the composition of which is based on the classic sound of the mid-80s, with melodic influences reminiscent of bands such as Aerosmith or Guns ‘N’ Roses (an undoubtedly American basis), but without overlooking the weight of modern sounds of bands such as Wolfmother or Airbourne, Australian influences deeply rooted in all Midnight Road members.

With the aim of transmitting that energy to the maximum, the band members decided to record those 10 songs live under the guidance of Beard Studios. This has allowed them to modulate the evolution of the sound throughout the album, ranging from the more classic roots of blues to the wild and frenzy hard rock that characterises them. The tracks are full of energy and with dizzying solos and rhythms that invite you to immerse yourself in the golden years of rock ‘n roll. With songs such as “Voodoo Queen”, “Ready For the Fight” or “Road To Death”, Midnight Road comes back to the music scene willing to fill all concert venues and stages with their power and energy. The album promises to be one of this year’s greatest surprises. Rock Til Our Days Are Gone!

Midnight Road was formed in 2006 in Bilbao by five youngsters whose only aim was to make Rock ‘n Roll. After recording several demos, and with a sound that took listeners back to the times of classic rock, the band released their debut album, “Thin Lines”, in 2010. The album certainly opened doors for them to reach new heights, enabling them to open for international famed bands and artists such as Slash, Inglorious, Gotthard or The Last Vegas, among others, and even touring the United States, performing in cities such as Chicago and Indianapolis.
Following several changes in their “classic” lineup, the band stayed on standby for a while until they were able to rearm themselves with their best possible version releasing their new album “Ready For the Fight”..

Midnight Road are:
Jon (lead vocals)
Josu (lead guitar)
Iñigo (rhythm guitar)
Jose (bass)
Jambo (drums)

“Ready for the Fight” cover & tracklist


1. Ready For The Fight

2. Voodoo Queen

3. Road To Death

4. Red Lips

5. Dirty Tricks

6. When You Smile

7. Welcome To The Revolution

8. Get Your Way

9. Face To Face

10. Back In Town

“Ready for the Fight” Album Teaser