SOVEREIGN Debut Full-Length – Altered Realities Coming Via Dark Descent Records

SOVEREIGN Debut Full-Length – Altered Realities Coming Via Dark Descent Records

Norwegian death/thrashers SOVEREIGN will release their anticipated debut full-length, Altered Realities, early next year on Dark Descent Records.

Formed in Oslo in 2018 AD, the band has three releases under their belts: Iron Cast (single 2018), Sovereign (demo, 2019), and Neurotic (EP, 2020). Three years in the making, the time has finally come to complete the set with debut album Altered Realities. The album stands out as a monstrous masterwork of old-school extreme metal ecstasy.

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“Altered Realities is a product of an ever-evolving journey we have taken as a band, from our start in 2018 and culminating in the album’s recording in early 2022,” reflects lead guitarist Tommy Jacobsen. He is joined in the band by former Nocturnal Breed band-mate Vidar Fineidet (guitar), alongside drummer Cato Syversrud, and bassist/vocalist Gravskjender.

“We strive to push ourselves, both in terms of speed and technicality, whilst still keeping a groove and dynamic. Our approach to death/thrash is an interplay between fast-paced aggression and a slower, more groove-oriented feel. The lyrical themes of the album mirror events and unrest that happened during the time of writing and is in itself a journey.”

Altered Realities will be out on January 19, 2024, on CD, vinyl, cassette and digital formats.

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For fans of Nekromantheon, early Sepultura, Pestilence, Dark Angel, Demolition Hammer…


1. Altered Reality

2. Futile Dreams

3. Nebular Waves

4. Counter Tech

5. The Enigma of Intelligence

6. Synthetic Life

7. Absence of Unity

Sovereign is:

Vidar Fineidet – Rhythm Guitars

Cato Syversrud – Drums

Tommy Jacobsen – Lead/Rhythm Guitars

Simen Roher Grong – Bass/Vocals