sophie meiers Announces New EP ‘crawl__space’, Listen To Deranged Love Song “forever mine”

sophie meiers Announces New EP 


The Final Installment Of Their Portals Trilogy 

Listen To Deranged Love Song “forever mine” 

Today, LA based multimedia artist sophie meiers (they/them) announces their new EP ‘crawl__space’, the final installment of their portals trilogy available on November 27th via Epitaph Records.

After launching us into the digitized synthetic world of ‘shine__space’ (May 2023) and being immersed in the plush warmth of ‘spark__space’ (August 2023), the addition of ‘crawl__space’ embodies the muck and grime inside of us all — confessions of obsession, self-destruction, and violent fairy tales.

Guiding us into this new world, sophie shares lead single “forever mine” that draws inspiration from the anime trope “yandere” which is derived from the Japanese words yanderu; meaning insane or sick, and deredere, meaning affectionate or loving.

A romantic, violent love song” according to meiers, they explain, “forever mine” appears to be perfectly cute and harmless on the surface but underneath the illusion of softness lurks a deeply deranged, sick person driven to violent extremes by their love.” Listen below,

“forever mine” 


crawl__space is the place where your secrets go to hide. The underbelly beneath the dreamlike world of shine__space and the organic environment of spark__space. Sonically centering around distorted guitars and crushed drums with haunting vocals colliding with morbid lyrics, the EP invokes a palpable world with their descriptive storytelling.  Fascinated by the mysteries concealed behind day-to-day life, sophie set out to explore the darkness behind that veil, stating, “I want to talk about the parts of humans’ lives that we don’t begin to admit to ourselves — dirtiness, sickness, struggle, immorality, perversion.”

The character for crawl__space is a macabre expression of themselves with a slight fascination with destruction. Expressed with muted colors and textures, disheveled clothing, and stark contrast, the character explores the eerie beauty of the things we find “disgusting”. The project winds down with a somber lullaby, guiding you to the end of the basement where you find a window shaped like you.

Hailing from a small mountain town in Colorado, sophie meiers became obsessed with music at a young age, propelled by the myriad of resources that the internet holds. They left home at 15, paving their own way through creative ingenuity and a DIY mindset that carries into their art and work ethic. Existing on a plane all their own, sophie has created a surrealist alternate universe for their art to live, melding their passions for writing, visual artistry, and producing with an aesthetic uniquely theirs. Their experimental production, sultry vocals, and lyrical honesty have garnered them 700K monthly listeners, with their talents recognized and celebrated by The FADER, PAPER Magazine, Billboard, Consequence, i-D, Lyrical Lemonade and more.

crawl__space‘ Tracklisting

  1. <crawl>
  2. mutt
  3. forever mine 
  4. are you fucking up
  5. hotline
  6. untangle me 
  7. wraith
  8. </crawl>

sophie meiers by Lindsey Nico Mann

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