Small Isles (Modest Mouse, Grandaddy) Announces ‘Everything on Memory’ EP

Small Isles

New Project from Jim Fairchild (Modest Mouse, Grandaddy)

in collaboration with Jacob Snider

Announces Everything on Memory EP

Out December 5 via Modern Recordings/BMG

Unveils Cinematic Preview Single “
Sure I’m Happy

Credit: Dustin Aksland 

Small Isles, helmed by prolific artist and composer Jim Fairchild, will release the brand new Everything on Memory EP next week via Modern Recordings/BMG. Fairchild stepped off the tour bus but kept on moving. Spending his entire adult life in beloved bands Grandaddy and Modest Mouse, he stepped away from Modest Mouse in 2021. Sonically aligned with the vastness of Sigur Rós & Explosions In The Sky, Fairchild his creative palate to cinematic composition. He shares, “Everything on Memory was written as the imagined score to a movie I dreamt about in which Donald and Steven Glover wrote a script in response to Modest Mouse’s “Third Planet” that Christopher Nolan directed.”

Listen + Share: “Sure I’m Happy”

Seeking to interrogate the process of constructing sounds, Fairchild describes his goal of making Small Isles an arena rock band without the rock & no imposed messaging. “I think people are ready for more implication than explanation. I have plenty to say. I just want to do it without words for a while. To make music that takes all I’ve learned about making and performing songs and removes the narrative from it.”

Fairchild recently scored the documentary film Common Ground (Donald Glover, Laura Dern, Woody Harrelson, Rosario Dawson, Ian Somerhalder) which won the Tribeca Film Festival “Human/Nature” award. He is currently working on the follow up, Bee The Change narrated by Ellie Goulding, which will premiere at COP 28 (United Nations Climate Change Conference) next week.

Small Isles could nestle as comfortably in a 400-person capacity club as it could in an old, historic concert hall. It is music that seeks to sharpen the senses, to feel time differently. Having performed their first show this November, fans can expect exciting news to some in 2024.

Everything on Memory EP artwork

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