Two-time Grammy nominated guitarist, Sin Quirin, continues to forge epic percussive singles with his new band, SIGLOS. SIGLOS features the transcendent strings of Sin Quirin, former iconic Ministry band member of 15 years, and the demanding vocals of Pedro Sanchez from the band Transtorno.

Morir Para Vivir, is a rhythmic, explosive song reminiscent of tribal chants that harken to the band’s Latin heritage. This song ramps up the bloodstream and differs from their first single in the undeniable heaviness it induces in listeners. The song was written by Sin Quirin, with lyrics written by Pedro Sanchez, and was produced, mixed, and mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound. The video was directed by Matt Zane, DP/ Colorist James Smith. Cover artwork by Nestor Avalos.


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What the industry is saying about SIGLOS:


I am very excited about this new band featuring the remarkably seasoned and talented Sin Quirin! As an ever-evolving artist, Sin never fails to capture an audience with great visuals and musicality, and this new single exemplifies just that.


“Morir Para Vivir” tastefully blends elements of atmosphere, space, darkness, and attitude, combined with a solid and heavy tribalesque foundation. The rhythm guitars, drums, and bass drive the groove, while melodic guitar melodies weave nicely around the commanding guttural vocals

I am really looking forward to hearing the whole album.


-Todd La Torre/ Queensrÿche


“Sin is a singularly unique talent, underrated guitar hero, and a key dynamic member of every project he’s done, and I can’t wait to hear what he does next! I know it’s going to be stellar!”


Gary Holt/ Exodus


“Sin has been a solid backbone to everything he’s been involved in and it’s great to see him stepping out now to do his own thing. He is a true rockstar in every sense of the word”


David Ellefson/ Grammy award-winning bassist


SIGLOS is a heavy metal band combining aspects of Black Metal, Doom Metal, and Industrial Metal. It features Sin Quirin formerly of Ministry, Lords of Acid, American Head Charge and Society 1, and Pedro Sanchez from Transtorno. The pair blend their Mexican and Spanish roots into the lyrics, rhythms, and music, creating a dark atmospheric raw intensity.

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