Silverburn (ex-Hark & Taint) release new single ‘Formless’ / Debut album out 11th August

Silverburn Promo 2 web.jpeg
SILVERBURN, the new solo project by James ‘Jimbob’ Isaac (Hark & Taint) will release it’s debut album Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation via MSH Group Music on August 11.
Today Silverburn share second track “Formless Atomization Of Omniscient Particulate” which can be heard on Bandcamp HERE and viewed/heard on YouTube HERE.
Welsh metal visionary Jimbob Isaac, known from his previous bands Taint and Hark, recorded the new album during lockdown in 2020. He handled all vocals, guitar, bass and drums himself. With this album, Jimbob has meticulously crafted a wholly uncompromising solo offering in the truest sense. It has been said that extreme conditions demand extreme responses, and Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation (‘SITA’) began as an elemental response to the almighty global gut-punch that surrounded it’s creation.
James ‘Jimbob’ Isaac about Formless“This one’s for the metaphysics nerds! ‘Formless..’ is an ode to solitude, meditation and cosmic implosions! The video is an extension of my real-life solo mission, in making this album and the art and video work ongoing. I mean, of course I made myself into cyborgs to play all the instruments!”
From the world-ending double-kick maelstrom of opening track “Annihilation” to the cinematic, discordant chug and release of “Etheric Crush” this album draws from Isaac’s beloved eras of 90’s metal and 00’s metallic hardcore, noisecore, space and sludge metal and bands like Botch, Mastodon, Knut, Converge, Keelhaul, Crowbar, Sepultura, Neurosis and Helmet.
“…a dive into the metalcore that had its heyday around the new millenium combined with his pulverizing, tar-drenched aesthetics. .. Heavy and chaotic .. Hooks that refuse to be ignored.” – Decibel magazine USA
“Formless” grinds its way into your brain with its angular groove and won’t let you go for a long time. – Visions magazine Germany
“The album includes ’90s metal, metalcore, noisecore, space rock, sludge and stoner to create the heavenly healing effect of a bulldozer massaging your skull and then parking on top of it.” – Rumore magazine Italy
The ‘SITA’ cover art is handled by Isaac himself, taking his first step into digital painting. Inspired by jazz/prog/rock art legend Mati Klarwein, Isaac has concocted an intense and jarring vision to compliment the music and lyrical landscape. The final piece evokes classic crossover/thrash with an acid-fried progressive/contemporary sensibility.
Silverburn live are a three piece now, first confirmed dates:
Aug 12 – The Bunkhouse Swansea
Aug 18th – Arctangent Festival
Sept 8th – Oslo London w/ Mutoid Man
Sept 13th – The Exchange Bristol w/ Mutoid Man
More dates soon!
Silverburn online: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram