SEVERE TORTURE stream new EP in advance of release

SEVERE TORTURE stream full EP ‘Fisting the Sockets’

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The time has arrived! After 12 years, Death Metal machine SEVERE TORTURE stream their full EP ‘Fisting the Sockets’ in advance of the release date! The EP will be released on the 10th of June 2022 via Season of Mist, but is premiering today at 16:00 CEST via Death Metal Promotions HERE. The link may be freely spread throughout your channels. 

The EP can still be ordered at the Season of Mist shop HERE, and can be pre-saved on your favourite digital platform HERE.

SEVERE TORTURE comment on the stream: “To put it bluntly; We are so fucking proud to share these songs with all of our death metal friends around the world! This EP is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of signature Severe Torture death metal that lurks beneath the surface. So enjoy our new EP to get a taste of what’s to come in the very near future! Stay brutal!”

Severe Torture – Fisting the Sockets (full EP) 2022
The cover artwork and track-list of “Fisting the Sockets” can be find below. The cover artwork is created by Roberto Toderico.
1. Fisting the Sockets (4:33) [WATCH VIDEO]
2. Entangled in Hate 4:00)
3. Head and Hands not found (5:18)

Release Date: June 10th, 2022
Genre: Brutal.Death.Metal

Brutal. Death. Metal. 
These words define the unique sound of the extreme metal that SEVERE TORTURE is known for since 1997. SEVERE TORTURE has been a constant force over the last 25 years, in presence as well as in their line-up. Their debut album “FEASTING ON BLOOD” was hailed as an instant classic in the early beginnings of the new wave of brutal death metal in 2001.

Ever since the release of their debut the band has toured extensively. Playing shows in North and South America, Mexico and their home continent Europe in support of the 5 albums they have released over the last 25 years. 

Since SEVERE TORTURE is about quality not quantity, they have been laying low since their latest album “SLAUGHTERED”, released in 2010. While still playing shows for the love of the genre, the band was in search of the brutality and energy needed for the material of a new SEVERE TORTURE album. This soul-searching led to the amical split with original drummer Seth in 2018, who was replaced 2018 by Damien Kerpentier. With renewed energy and focus the band started with a clean slate by writing new material, arguably their best material to this day.  

“FISTING THE SOCKETS” will be the first feat of SEVERE TORTURE in 12 years. The band has re-signed their deal with Season of Mist and if it wasn’t for a certain pandemic this upcoming EP “FISTING THE SOCKETS” was probably released much earlier. 

SEVERE TORTURE is currently recording their full-length album, to be released early 2023 through Season of Mist Records. 

Recording studio: Torture Compound Studios
Producer / sound engineer: Damien Kerpentier & Marvin Vriesde
Mixing studio and engineer: MBDL Productions / Mendel bij de Leij
Mastering studio and engineer: MBDL Productions / Mendel bij de Leij

Recording line-up:
Drums: Damien Kerpentier
Bass: Patrick Boleij
Guitar: Marvin Vriesde
Guitar: Thijs van Laarhoven
Vocals: Dennis Schreurs

Band picture credit: Thijs van Laarhoven
Cover artwork credit: Roberto Toderico.



30 Jul 22 Steenwijk (NL) Stonehenge Festival
08 Oct 22 Las Vegas (US) New Standard Elite Fest